ROV Personnel

IMCA Remote Systems & ROV Division helps its members ensure the availability of personnel with the necessary skills and training to support the industry’s global operations.

Competence Assurance & Assessment

The IMCA competence assurance and assessment guidance framework has been actively promoted in the Remote Systems & ROV sector, with contractors keen to ensure and demonstrate that their personnel are competent for the safety-critical roles they fulfil. The division has been particularly active in developing additional materials to assist freelance and agency personnel.


IMCA has produced a number of training guidelines for the ROV sector, including the framework for an introductory training course. Ongoing dialogue with training providers helps them equip those attending their courses with the relevant skills for today and the future.


IMCA does not issue any certification or accreditation for any ROV technician training course completion or competence assessment, nor in relation to any other company or training provider competence framework. For further information, please refer to ROV technician accreditation guidance.

Careers Promotion

The Remote Systems & ROV Division contributes significantly to IMCA’s work promoting awareness of the exciting career opportunities available in the marine contracting sector, with a wide range of career guides, case studies and articles produced and member representatives actively engaged with academic establishments, careers organisations and at recruitment events.