Quickfire, Totally Technology Session

The Quickfire, Totally Technology Session has been a regular feature of IMCA’s Annual Seminar programme. It provides an opportunity for often small and medium sized companies to showcase their ideas and innovations to 300 industry leaders in a dynamic and inspiring way – in only 10 minutes.

The rules of the game are as follows:

  • There will be a review process to select the best proposals for the session.
  • It is only open to companies, not individuals and companies must be IMCA members or affiliates of IMCA members. There is no limit on company size or membership category.
  • The session will comprise only six companies presenting their pitch on their technology.
  • 10 minutes is the absolute time limit and will be strictly controlled by the session moderator. There will be a count-down clock to maintain the schedule.
  • The technology or innovation should be new or relatively new to the oil and gas or renewables industry.
  • Background information on the company and its business should take no more than 30 seconds (we don’t want long corporate explanations).
  • Presentations will be in PowerPoint format (16:9 aspect ratio) and need to be delivered in an energising way.
  • The proposed presentation and an abstract explaining the technology or innovation in 150 words, plus any supporting video/photographs/charts/web links etc should be sent by 30 September 2018 to quickfire@imca-int.com

A review committee will assess all entrants and select the final six companies.