IMCA Lifting & Rigging Seminar 2018

Over 85 members and guests attended the IMCA Lifting and Rigging Workshop – Return to Offshore Cranes.  The seminar was an extension of previous workshops supported by IMCA, with the focus shifting from the ropes and rigging to the full crane systems utilised in offshore lifting operations.  There was representation from crane manufacturers, offshore crane users and training and academic development institutes.

This seminar was focused on the developments and operational requirements of offshore cranes, highlighting what the issues and concerns are, and what the future requirements were.  It was anticipated that this would be the start of a short series of seminars focused of different key aspects related to offshore cranes.

After a welcome and introduction from David Cannell of TechnipFMC, the IMCA seminar Chairman, there followed a number of presentations and workshops designed to present the latest status and understanding of the technology and operational needs, all aiming to stimulate discussion and capture industry status and requirements (present and foreseen).

The presentations and workshop discussions will be used to influence, shape and develop existing and future IMCA guidance.

Lifting & Rigging Seminar 2018: Attendees