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Quickfire at IMCA DP Conference

On 31 May – 1 June 2022 IMCA is hosting a Dynamic Positioning (DP) Conference focusing on technical and operational matters relating to DP. This event will be of interest to those involved in both offshore renewable energy and offshore oil & gas operations.

Alongside our exciting line up of speakers and interactive sessions we will be running IMCA’s renowned Quickfire Totally Technology Session.

About Quickfire
The Quickfire, Totally Technology Session has been a regular feature of IMCA’s Annual Seminar programme and provides an opportunity for often small and medium sized companies to showcase their ideas and innovations to industry leaders in a dynamic and inspiring way.

  • There will be a review process to select the best proposals for the session.
  • This session is only open to companies, not individuals and companies must be IMCA members or affiliates of IMCA members. There is no limit on company size or membership category.
  • The session will comprise a fixed number of companies presenting their pitch on their technology.
  • A time limit is set and is strictly controlled by the session moderator. A count-down clock is used to maintain the schedule.
  • The technology or innovation should be new or relatively new to the oil and gas or renewables industry.
  • Background information on the company and its business should be minimal – we don’t want long corporate explanations.
  • Quickfire participants need to register and pay any conference fees prior to the event.
  • Quickfire participants will be featured in the event programme.

Apply by submitting:

  • The proposed presentation
  • An abstract explaining the technology or innovation in 150 words
  • Additional supporting video/photographs/charts/etc may be included

A review committee will assess all entrants and select the companies to present during the event.

Mark Paalvast

read more

Sarah Whiteford

OneStep Power Solutions
read more

Capt Willem van Woercom

read more

Successful applicants will be required to pay the Member rate of £250 to attend the event.

Terms & Conditions apply.
IMCA is obliged to charge Netherlands Tax on all chargeable items

Who will you be presenting to? If successful you will be presenting to:

IMCA members and industry colleagues will be coming together to hear from experts in Dynamic Positioning, participate in Q&A sessions and workshops helping to formulate the work programme for IMCA’s Dynamic Positioning Committee. Outputs from this conference will influence and shape this area of our industry.

  • Parties involved in offshore renewable energy
  • Parties involved in offshore oil & gas operations
  • Representatives from a variety of marine related contractors, suppliers, associations and the related industry bodies.
  • Anyone with an interest in dynamic positioning and related activities.
  • DP Practitioners, Key DP Personnel, AVIs

Terms & Conditions apply.
IMCA is obliged to charge Netherlands Tax on all chargeable items

For more information or to express interest please contact: [email protected]