IMCA ROV Seminar

A number of significant opportunities and challenges face the subsea industry at this time. There are: increasingly strident requirements to satisfy environmental legislation; the challenges of ROV utilisation in the growing renewables sector; and the need to recruit and retain properly trained, competent people.

This seminar is designed to assist IMCA members in dealing with these, with a programme of technical and operational topics affecting the industry today and in the future.

Engage with the speakers

  • Graham Duncan of TechnipFMC – the IMCA ROV committee chairman – will be steering, facilitating and chairing the crew.
  • Trond Eriksen of Statoil is our keynote speaker
  • David Hall of TechnipFMC will explore the development of ROV technologies in Knowledge or certainty
  • Andy Foster will unravel the issues of Umbilical Management
  • Dr Thomas Voegele will analyse the theories of AI and other technological advances in ROV systems
  • Oceaneering will navigate the subject of Remote Piloting & EROV Operations

Participate in the workshops

Day one

  • Umbilical management and design considerations – what role should IMCA play in addressing challenges in umbilical management and design?
  • ROV training now and in the future  – what can IMCA do to better support industry on ROV training?
  • Remote piloting – what are the main challenges and advantages?
  • Electric versus hydraulic power for ROVs – advantages and disadvantages
  • Sensor calibration including gyros – how often should we calibrate

Day two

  • Crew size,  crew competence – guidance, standards, requirements…how can IMCA help?
  • Differences in competence/training culture
  • Environmental issues – spills: Local regulatory differences, how do we mitigate environmental impact through technology, how can IMCA help industry?
  • Operational safety I
  • Operational safety II


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