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Following is a list of information notes tagged 'Security'

US National Maritime Security Advisory Committee vacancies

This information note is for the benefit of IMCA’s US members and concerns a message from the US Coast Guard which seeks applications from candidates to become members of the National Maritime Security Advisory Committee. A notification has been placed on the ‘Coast Guard Maritime Commons’ web page and has

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Marine cybersecurity update

This aim of this information note is to update members’ awareness of maritime security matters which have been recently published or made known to the industry. 1 Network and Information Security – EU Legislation The EU proposes under the 2013 EU Cybersecurity Strategy, to establish the Network and Information Services

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Recent release of Guidelines on cyber security onboard ships

Members will wish to be aware that new guidelines for cyber security measures onboard ships have been published by BIMCO in a document supported by Cruise Lines International Association, the International Chamber of Shipping, the International Association of Dry Cargo Shipowners and the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners.  The

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