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Medical Examination of Divers – Middle East & India Initiative

Information Note IMCA D 20/01, issued in July 2001 (revised April 2021), advised members of the requirements for doctors who undertake annual medical examination of divers, in light of the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) withdrawal of recognition of doctors operating outside the UK.

Subsequently, twelve members in the Middle East & India (ME&I) region agreed jointly to recognise a number of doctors to conduct diver medicals to the standard cited in IMCA D 20/01.  The mutually recognised list of doctors was publicised in a series of Information Notes dating from 2002.  Twenty-two diving contractors in the ME&I  region have now further updated their list of jointly recognised doctors and have asked IMCA to publicise the attached note.

While IMCA is not in a position to approve or recognise doctors, it welcomes this contractor initiative and is pleased to publicise the agreement, a copy of which is attached.

This list supersedes all previously published lists.

Recognition of Doctors to Perform Medical Examination of Divers

Middle East & India Region


1. This Information Note is issued jointly by the following diving contractors:

Aqua Diving Services IRSHAD
Boskalis Offshore – Middle East & India   Khalifa A Algosaibi Diving & Marine Services
CCC (Underwater Engineering)   Maridive & Oil Services
Dolphin Offshore Enterprises (India) Ltd  Maridive Offshore Projects
Dulam International Ltd   McDermott International Inc
Dunnimaa Engineers & Divers Enterprises Pvt Ltd    Mermaid Subsea Services LLC
FSDS LLP     Mutawa Marine Works LLC
Halul Offshore Services Company Petroleum Marine Services Co
Integrated Subsea Engineering & Services LLC     Smit Lamnalco
International Marine Works – Alexandria Supreme Hydro Engineering Pvt Ltd
International Naval Works – Abu Dhabi   Timsah Shipbuilding Company

2. With no international body currently providing a suitable system for approval of doctors to conduct medical examination of divers, the above-listed diving contractors wish to jointly recognise the following doctors for such purposes – please see PDF Information Note for the list of doctors.

3. In developing this list, the above-listed diving contractors have used guidance passed on by IMCA – the International Marine Contractors Association – via its Information Note 428 (IMCA D 20/01) – Medical examiners of divers.  However, it is recognised that IMCA is not in a position to approve individual diving doctors.

4. This joint recognition of the above-listed doctors will continue until such a time as an alternative arrangement has been made regarding the approval of diving doctors.

5. The above-listed diving contractors welcome the development of an approval scheme by the Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC) and the Medical Subcommittee of the European Diving Technology Committee (EDTCmed) as set out in guidance note DMAC 29 Rev. 3 – Approval of Diving Medicine Courses.

6. The above listed diving contractors hereby ask IMCA to circulate this note to its members for their information.

7. Contractors who refer to this Information Note are made aware that in the event of a doctor being removed from this list, their details will remain for a period of one year for purposes of verification against an entry of fitness to dive made in a diver’s logbook.

8. Contractors are encouraged to inform IMCA of any changes to the status of the doctors listed on this Information Note.

IMCA Contact

Ali Macleod
Technical Adviser - Diving

Information Note Details

Published date: 12 August 2022
Information note ID: 1602

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