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Medical Examination of Divers – Middle East & India Initiative

Information note IMCA D 20/01, issued in July 2001 (revised April 2021), advised members of the requirements for doctors who undertake annual medical examination of divers, in light of the UK Health & Safety Executive (HSE) withdrawal of recognition of doctors operating outside the UK.

Subsequently, twelve members in the Middle East & India region agreed jointly to recognise a number of doctors to conduct diver medicals to the standard cited in IMCA D 20/01. The mutually recognised list of doctors was publicised via information note IMCA D 10/02, updated by D 09/03, D 07/06, D 12/06, D 06/09, D 08/10, D 05/12 and D 01/20. Twenty-two diving contractors in that region have now further updated their list of jointly recognised doctors and have asked IMCA to publicise the attached note.

While IMCA is not in a position to approve or recognise doctors, it welcomes this contractor initiative and is pleased to publicise the agreement, a copy of which is attached.

The list, within the Information Note, supersedes all previously published lists.

IMCA Contact

Ali Macleod
Technical Adviser - Diving

Information Note Details

Published date: 7 May 2021
Information note ID: 1562


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