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Plastic Pollution Inspections

This IMCA Environmental Sustainability Bulletin brings you information on an initiative developed at TechnipFMC, whereby plastic pollution inspections were developed within the TechnipFMC fleet.  It should be stressed that this was a crew-generated initiative rather than something mandated by top management.

The Continued Effort in Plastic Pollution Prevention

Everyone is aware of the impact plastic has on wildlife and marine ecosystems.  Reduction of ‘single use plastic’ is something to which everyone – all companies and all individuals – can make an absolute commitment. In day-to-day operations it is vessel crew onboard who have the ability to do more and ensure they play a part.

Plastics Are Going to Be Used

Until practical alternatives are developed and made available, we will continue to receive and use plastic material onboard our vessels.  It is important that we dispose of these correctly when they become waste products.

The Clean-Up – A ‘Plastic Pollution Inspection’

A great example of this has been demonstrated on-board one of our members’ vessels and has proven to be an effective form of inspection with amazing results! ‘Plastic Pollution Inspections’ were carried out, with a large volume of plastics found.

What Can We Do to Improve?

  • Periodically complete a ‘focused’ plastic pollution inspection;
  • Be more aware of plastic delivered to the vessel, particularly during mobilisations and loading of stores;
  • Dispose of plastic correctly;
  • Reduce the risk of plastic getting into the sea.

Originally issued with the following reference(s): IMCA ESB 05/19

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Nicholas Hough
Consultant - Safety and Security

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Published date: 9 September 2019
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