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Publication of DMAC 33 Rev. 1 – Return to Diving after COVID-19

DMAC 33 – Return to Diving after COVID-19 – was first published in June 2020 and IMCA Members’ attention is now drawn to the release of DMAC 33 Rev. 1.  This document, prepared by the Diving Medical Advisory Committee (DMAC), provides important guidance for the offshore diving industry in its efforts to address the threats posed by the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Olav Sande Eftedal (DMAC Chairman) summarises the main changes from the previous version as follows:

DMAC has updated the references section and made changes based on new knowledge about the frequency of asymptomatic infections and radiological pulmonary changes in asymptomatic persons as at November 2020.

We have also added reference to two new guidelines on fitness for diving from the US Physicians Diving Advisory Committee and the UK Diving Medical Committee, respectively.

Regarding examinations, the revised version divides divers into 3 groups.  Group 1 comprises divers who have not been tested or have negative tests.  Group 2 are divers with confirmed Covid-19 with no or mild symptoms.  Group 3 is identical to group 2 in the previous version i.e. divers with moderate or severe symptoms of Covid-19.  There are only minor changes in the recommended screening tests for the groups.

Finally, we have added a section about vaccination and potential side effects that may affect diving based on the currently available knowledge.

All DMAC’s Guidance Notes, including DMAC 33 Rev. 1, can be accessed free of charge on the DMAC website at

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Published date: 22 December 2020
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