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Renewal of diver medic certification

This information note updates IMCA D 08/07,

IMCA recognises diver medic training provided by a number of establishments (listed on this site) which have been audited in accordance with guidance note IMCA D 020 – IMCA scheme for recognition of diver medic training: Guidance for training establishments – Guidance for training establishments.

To address concerns over skill fade, the IMCA Diving Division Management Committee has decided that, from 1 July 2013, diver medics should undertake refresher training at a more frequent interval – of two years.  See information note Changes to diver medic training validity period for more information.

Recognised establishments issue certificates which are valid for a two-year period.  ‘Renewal’ is required as follows:

  1. Within the final three months of validity, a refresher course can be carried out and the validity date of the new certificate will run for a further two years from the expiry date of the old certificate;
  2. For up to eight weeks after the expiry of a certificate, a refresher course can be undertaken.  The validity date of the new certificate will run for a further two years from the expiry date of the old certificate.
    These additional eight weeks are to allow for unforeseen circumstances that prevent a refresher course being undertaken during the final three months of a certificate’s validity – it is not recommended that individuals plan in advance to undertake the refresher course during this period;
  3. After eight weeks following expiry of a certificate, the full course should be undertaken again.

It should be noted, however, that IMCA is responsible only for the approval of training establishments offering diver medic courses and, as part of that, defining acceptance criteria for individuals to be able to sit initial and refresher courses.  Individuals unable to undertake a refresher course within the validity period of their old certificate will need to check with their employing contractor and, where appropriate, with the relevant national authority to check on the acceptability of working as a diver medic without a valid in-date certificate.

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