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Umbilical/tether failure/damage report

The IMCA Remote Systems & ROV Division Management Committee is keen to continue to develop the initiative to gather ROV umbilical and tether failure data from IMCA’s ROV operating members.  The ROV Committee created the database of ROV umbilical or tether failure and damage incidents, as a useful source of information to support its work programme to benefit members.  The greater the amount of data gathered the more meaningful will any trend analysis derived from it will become. The easy-to-use Excel template developed in 2013, and updated in information note IMCA R 02/15, can be used to provide details of ROV umbilical or tether failures and other problems.  All members are assured that information submitted will be treated in strict confidence and not disclosed for public use.  The intent remains to use the data to try to identify trends and patterns in the problems reported, with a view to disseminating lessons identified to other IMCA ROV operators in order to prevent or minimise ROV umbilical or tether damage and failure in the future. The Excel template consists of two worksheets.  One of these is the failure report itself; the other is a simple page of instructions for completing the failure/damage report.  The Excel template can be downloaded from this page. Members are encouraged to download the template and use it after encountering failure or damage to ROV umbilicals or tethers. Please complete all fields as accurately as possible and send the completed form to [email][email protected][/email].

Originally issued with the following reference(s): IMCA R 06/15

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Published date: 9 December 2015
Information note ID: 1285

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