Diving Updates

Diving CPD

We launched a pilot Continuing Professional Development (CPD) scheme for diving supervisors. As announced in November 2018, the App based scheme incorporates the very latest in training techniques and is available in IOS, Android, tablet and PC formats.

Trials of the App are now coming to a close with a representative cross-section of diving supervisors from leading contractors in the industry having been invited to participate in the consultation and testing process to ensure the system is user-friendly, appropriate, and effective. Following the trials and assessment processes, the ambition is to go-live to IMCA’s global diving community in Q2 2020. IMCA has consulted widely with its membership and the development and governance of the system has been overseen by IMCA’s Diving Division Management Committee, comprising leading industry diving managers and experts.



New approach to diving exams

We have completely redesigned the examination process and question sets for the supervisory roles that we certify. This has been necessary due to the evidence of cheating being uncovered in certain countries; it has also been apparent that certain companies have put forward candidates who have been far from ready to take on these safety critical roles. We have therefore taken disciplinary action where necessary and redesigned the system to the point where we have a large database of questions for each examination, which much reduces the chance of similar exam papers; and moved the system online to be an invigilated web-based examination. Unlike the previous exam-on-demand arrangement, we will now hold exams on specific dates at specific locations around the world.



Also in the Diving Division we have worked with IOGP and ADCI to establish the International Diving Industry Forum, where we can jointly meet and discuss matters of common interest and avoid the duplication of effort in the development of guidance documents and the like. This is a positive development which has been welcomed by industry.


Working with ADCI

We have also signed an MOU with ADCI to further improve the flow of safety information and recognise a strictly defined set of diver qualifications.