IMCA at Industry Events in 2019

In particular, our CEO Allen Leatt gave the opening address at the UO Expo in Xiamen, China which took place from 1 to 3 November. Nick Hough, IMCA Technical Adviser, was the chair of the Ocean Business event organised in Southampton on 9 to 11 April. Our DP Experts took centre stage at various events around the world during the year. IMCA also organised a joint event in Aberdeen with SUT and THSIS on 31 October.


We had speaker’s represent IMCA at:

  • OSJ, London (5-7 Feb)
  • eCMID AVI, London (19 Jun)
  • 9th DP Asia Conference, Singapore (2-4 Jul)
  • Rio Pipeline, Rio de Janeiro (5 Sep)
  • OSJ Asia Conference, Singapore (17-18 Sep) where we also had a stand
  • Nautical Institute, Amsterdam (24 Sep)
  • IIMS, Amsterdam (26 Sep)
  • MTS DP Conference, Houston (15-16 Oct)
  • NUI, Bergen (11-14 Nov) where we also had a stand
  • Marine Safety Forum, Aberdeen (21 Nov)


We visited a number of key industry events during the year including:

  • MCEDD, London (4 Apr)
  • OTC, Houston (6-9 May)
  • Offshore Europe, Aberdeen (3-5 Sep)
  • ADIPEC, Abu Dhabi (11-14 Nov)