IMCA uses next generation of online training technology

Allen Leatt, IMCA CEO said: “The purpose is to train, explain, and encourage anti-bribery and corruption best practice and support all IMCA Member organisations. The e-Learning module will be particularly useful to our Members with more limited in-house compliance training capabilities. We know that our Members are keen to ensure they conform to best ethical business practices and the ABC training module is designed to support them achieve that.”

The updated online eLearning module called Doing Business Without Bribery is the next generation of the version launched in 2018 and is freely available on IMCA’s website.


Users can access ABC eLearning by clicking here to access the module online. Upon successful completion, a certificate can be printed for your records. 

You will need to enter your name and company name on the first page of the training module, this is stored in your browser to enable the certificate to be generated, but this data is not stored or tracked by IMCA.

For information about Transparency International visit their website here