IMCA North America Region meeting considers challenges of using ISNetworld

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The focus of the first International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) North America Region meeting of the year will be dealing with contractors’ difficulties when using ISNetworld, which was established to streamline the contractor-qualification process by collecting and maintaining current data in one central location, allowing Hiring Clients to assess contractor compliance.

The meeting, being held at the Houston Marriott Energy Corridor on Thursday 16 February from 08:30 CST, will include a mini workshop on the use of the ISNetworld system by both clients and operators.

The day-long meeting, with networking opportunities, will be attended by Richard Benzie, IMCA’s Technical Director and Peter Sieniewicz, one of IMCA’s Diving Technical Advisers, who will provide input and updates from the Secretariat.

The full meeting agenda will be issued shortly and be available on the IMCA website at The meeting is open to IMCA members and their guests. Registrations should be made by emailing