DP Station Keeping Event Reporting

IMCA’s DP reporting system helps identify trends, common causes and potential hazards in respect of dynamic positioning and station keeping, that can be addressed in discussion with vessel operators, equipment manufacturers, training establishments and others.

The results have helped to keep the DP fleet operational, safe and acceptable to clients and regulators by encouraging improvements in design, procedures and training.

Members – and non-members – are asked to submit reports, using the form dowloadable from this page, on the following occasions:

  • DP incident – A major system failure, environmental or human factor which has resulted in loss of DP capability
  • DP undesired event – A system failure, environmental or human factor which has caused a loss of redundancy and/or compromised DP capability
  • DP observation – An event that has not resulted in a loss of redundancy or compromised DP operational capability but is still deemed worthy of sharing