Working in confined spaces

Confined space entry remains a very serious problem for the offshore oil and gas business, having caused a significant number of fatalities in recent years. Education on confined spaces is of paramount importance, for shockingly, figures show that for every one who dies in a confined-space accident, two more die trying to rescue them. Work in confined and enclosed spaces has a greater likelihood of causing fatalities, severe injuries and illness than any other type of work on board a ship or marine installation.

This IMCA video has been developed help raise awareness of the need for safety awareness in dealing with work in confined spaces. It covers some of the many and varied types of confined spaces found in marine and offshore workplaces – some of which may not be obvious. It includes some pointers towards proper safety procedures and risk assessments essential for dealing with confined space entry, as well as covering some real-life case studies to illustrate and demonstrate lessons learnt.

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Reference(s): IMCA HSSE 034
Published:May 2014
Version:New Publication

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