Doing Business Without Bribery

This Anti Bribery and Corruption (ABC) eLearning module forms part of IMCA’s ethics programme to support its membership. It comprises three phases:

  1. Code of Practice for the Secretariat which was put in place earlier this year.
  2. The Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) eLearning module.
  3. A set of high level ethical principles incorporated in a Code of Conduct expected of its Members.

IMCA has worked with Transparency International (TI) in customising its online eLearning module called Doing Business Without Bribery and is making this freely available to all Members.

Simply click the link below to access the module online. Upon successful completion, a certificate can be printed for your records.

You will need to enter your name and company name on the first page of the training module, this is stored in your browser to enable the certificate to be generated, but this data is not stored or tracked by IMCA.

Launch the training module

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