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IMCA safety flashes disseminate important information on incidents and potential hazards and the lessons learnt from them that can help prevent incidents occurring elsewhere in the industry.

Individual safety events are available individually online, tagged and searchable, while the traditional PDF collections are also available for download.

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All members are encouraged to contribute relevant safety-related information – please visit our Safety Flash Reporting page for details on the submission process.

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Technical Adviser - HSSE and Offshore Survey

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Two incidents with electrical installations with potential for a fire

A member reported two incidents involving failure of electrical equipment, leading to, or potentially leading to, fire hazards. Incident 1: Earth fault and potential fire hazard What happened? Whilst fault-finding […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 32/20

Cabin fire caused by light fitting overheating

What happened? A vessel experienced a minor fire in the bathroom of an unoccupied cabin due to a light fixture failing/shorting.  A crew member who was resting in another cabin […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 32/20

Fire in a safety locker

What happened? A small fire occurred in the safety locker of the changing room. The safety locker was used to store various safety items including among others: An Aldis-lamp spare […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 32/20

Smouldering fire in tumble dryer

What happened? A tumble dryer was in operation when the heat within the machine exceeded its safe operating level resulting in items of laundry inside the machine overheating and generating […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 32/20

Fires and fire risks on vessels

Fire in incinerator and exhaust fan motor What happened? An incinerator was being routinely operated by its designated operator.  After the last garbage parcel was inserted into the chamber, the […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 32/20

Confined space entry fatality

What happened? A sad incident has come to IMCA’s attention in which one person lost his life and another was injured, as a result of confined space entry.  The incident […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 31/20

Main crane hoist wire damage

What happened? Findings A contact/rubbing point was identified on the knuckle aperture where the crane wire passed through the knuckle boom; The crane operator struggled to engage the Active Heave […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 31/20

Two deaths of military divers

What happened? Incident 1 – UK The UK Health and Safety Executive has issued the Ministry of Defence (MoD) with a “Crown Censure” after a military diver died during training. […]

| Included in IMCA Safety Flash 30/20

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