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IMCA adopts Environmental Sustainability Roadmap

Diving Supervisor CPD requirements for 2021

eCMID Inspection Application changes

Latest COVID-19 updates and IMO report

Recent and forthcoming events | IMCA Digest

CEO update

Dear Members,


Welcome to the October edition of Making Waves. The time of writing coincides with the date of our planned 25th Anniversary Seminar, but we are now making plans to reschedule the event in late 2021. Hopefully, we will all be free from the lockdown restrictions by then.


The theme of our seminar was to be focused on the energy transition and our responsibilities towards the environment. I am pleased to report that the strategic direction for our Environmental Sustainability programme has recently been confirmed by the Board, and details can be found later in this edition.


We have recently updated our Bye-laws which can be found, as normal, on the governance page of our website. This is an annual process for the Board to review the document and approve modifications suggested by Members, the Secretariat, or in response to changing market conditions.


A new IMCA website will be launched soon. Existing company login details will be retired, with individual user accounts that will help you customise your experience as an IMCA member.


Look out for our email update, and a fresh new look for Making Waves!

IMCA adopts Environmental Sustainability Roadmap

IMCA’s Board approved our strategic direction on environmental sustainability last month and also agreed to elevate the Environmental Sustainability Committee to core committee status. The strategy has four key aims:

  • Shifting the needle in environmental performance and the low carbon transition;
  • Supporting the membership on environmental performance and meeting the Paris Agreement;
  • Being recognised by Members as a neutral, trusted partner and technical authority; and
  • Serving as a standard setter for environmental sustainability in the offshore marine contracting industry.
Diving Supervisor CPD requirements for 2021

IMCA is committed to improving the safety of all offshore operations, with diving supervisors holding among the most safety-critical positions within our industry. IMCA has developed a platform to meet their continuing professional development (CPD) needs and so maintain the currency of their qualifications, with a CPD app now in use by almost 1000 supervisors worldwide.


The uptake has been extremely encouraging and feedback indicates the app has been welcomed by all corners of industry. We are therefore ready to move to the next stage which will make CPD mandatory for all IMCA diving supervisors from Q1 2021.

eCMID Inspection App changes

In July 2020, we launched the new eCMID Inspection App - a browser-based application for use by Accredited Vessel Inspectors within the IMCA eCMID system.


IMCA’s Marine eCMID Committee recently reviewed adoption of the new app, and agreed that the classic Windows application will be withdrawn at the end of 2020. This change will enable funds to be targeted on new developments that will further improve the system for all users - with much in the pipeline.

People News
John Howard

It is with great sadness that we inform members that John Howard of IJUBOA passed away recently.


John was a great character, well known and respected within the offshore renewable energy sector. He was always willing to contribute to IMCA committees and workgroups and his experience and knowledge will be sorely missed by his friends and colleagues in the IMCA community.



IMCA continues to collate useful documents in its dedicated COVID-19 hub


Keep up to date with IMCA information notes on
COVID-19, plus sources such us IMO, the World Health Organisation, EU and national authorities.

Industry action

IMCA continues to be involved in various industry groups lobbying on behalf of offshore workers. Recently one such group comprising key associations submitted suggestions to the IMO for possible amendments to the Annex of the FAL Convention to ensure the facilitation of maritime traffic during a public health emergency of international concern.


This group comprises ICS, BIMCO, CLIA, FONASBA, INTERCARGO, INTERMANAGER, IAPH, IFSMA, IMCA, IMPA, IPTA, ITF, WSC and you can read the full document on our website. [link]

Latest IMO documents

IMCA continues to collaborate with its global shipping industry partners through the IMO to highlight to governments the ongoing humanitarian crisis surrounding restrictions on crew changes, shore leave and access to medical treatment for seafarers.


The ‘Recommended Framework of Protocols for ensuring safe ship crew changes and travel during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic’ was first issued by the IMO’s Secretary-General on 5 May 2020 (Circular Letter 4204/Add.14) and IMCA was a co-sponsor. This framework document has now been strengthened with the inclusion of additional measures on testing requirements and quarantine restrictions, prior to mobilisation, and the updated document has been re-issued as Circular Letter 4204/Add.1/Rev.1.


The UK Government is leading an effort to strengthen the status of this document by making it an IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) Resolution in an effort to ensure that the Protocols become part of the remit of health authorities and border controls and IMCA will again be lending its’ support by co-sponsoring the proposal when it is submitted to IMO.


Visit our website for further information over the coming weeks, where you can also access the amended protocols:

  • ICS Guidance for Ship Operators for the Protection of the Health of Seafarers [link]
  • Recommended Framework of Protocols for ensuring safe ship crew changes and travel during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic [link]
  • The COVID-driven humanitarian crisis of seafarers: A call for action under the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights [link]
Safety focus

In this issue of Making Waves, we highlight three initiatives and incidents related to mental and physical health and wellbeing in the current environment.

Resilience reboot

In 2018, leading IMCA members came together to develop the Resilience Awareness Programme. This was a tailored programme of six videos and accompanying guidance, designed to be used by groups of employees within the marine contracting industry.


It seems more timely than ever to draw the attention of our members and their workforces to this excellent and inspirational material. Resilience is about working through difficult experiences and being able to bounce back. It is learning from the way we cope with a difficult or stressful situation and applying that experience in the future.

CPR - 'We saved a life'

An IMCA member recently reported how a crew member had suffered several cardiac arrests in front of his crew mates. They applied their training to start CPR immediately while waiting for medical air transport and after hospital treatment he was able to return home to his family after three days.


The positive outcome of this story, saving a life, is the result of leadership, commitment, and preparedness for the unexpected.

Looking after our people

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers have had to modify their lifestyle and working practices to accommodate the new rules and ways of working and living required to minimise the spread of the disease.


In these times, it is vital to focus on the emotional and mental wellbeing and resilience of our people, so we were pleased to hear of what our members have been doing to lighten the mood, lift the spirits and re-energised morale.

Events news

Despite the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, IMCA has been busy with a programme of technical webinars and participation in third-party events online.


Keep up to date via our website calendar, or contact our Events Team for more details.

Recent IMCA Event Reports
Lifting & Rigging

IMCA's ever popular Lifting & Rigging seminar moved online this year, with the 1 October event focusing on 'Crane Systems for Offshore Lifting'.


Participants were able to engage with the usual range of specialist presenters from different industry sectors and a recording of the event is available for members to view on our website.


The newly elevated IMCA Environmental Sustainability Committee joined with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board on 7 October, introducing one of the globally recognised standards for reporting sustainability information.


The full recording is available to members online.

Recent industry event reports

13 October - • AWEA Offshore Windpower 2020 Virtual Summit

IMCA’s Bruce Gresham and Andy Goldsmith took part in this virtual conference on the North America wind energy industry

13 October - • GWEC Taiwan Virtual Summit

As part of a G+ session IMCA was represented at this event by Fritz Wiedemann of Van Oord, a member of our Marine Renewable Energy Committee.

Events Calendar
Forthcoming IMCA events

A busy schedule of IMCA webinars is planned to close 2020:

  • 17 November - Health & Safety – Our industry’s priority
    Hosted by IMCA’s Marine Renewable Energy Committee, this 90-minute webinar will focus on health and safety in the Renewable Energy industry. Confirmed speakers include representatives from the UK Health & Safety Executive, G+ and a number of IMCA members from the committee
  • Regional webinars
    • 25 November - South America
    • 26 November - Middle East & India
    • 1 and 8 December - Europe & Africa
    • 3 December - North America
    • 9 December - Asia-Pacific

Keep an eye on our website for full details as they are announced.

Forthcoming industry events

3-5 November - Sustainability: The Subsea Industry and the Evolution of Energy

  • IMCA is working with SUT and The Hydrographic Society in Scotland to schedule three two-hour sessions on key subjects
  • 3 November - IMCA’s Nadine Robinson will be the keynote speaker, on 'Getting the Subsea Industry to Net Zero'
  • 5 November - IMCA’s Nick Hough will be chairing the 'Innovation' session
IMCA Digest

The latest IMCA publications, information notes and bulletins, safety flashes, committee minutes, details on forthcoming events and more.

Latest Publications
The power of good documentation

IMCA publishes some 200 guidance notes and technical reports. These are a highly appreciated collection, adding value for our members by improving business performance and safety levels.


So far in 2020 we have published 8 new guidance documents, issued 35 updates, 48 information notes, 30 safety flashes containing some 120 safety alerts, and 14 bulletins.


Working through our committees we update and validate our guidance to share with our membership. As our IMCA committees comprise representatives from the industry, our documents can truly be said to have been created by the industry for the industry.

New publications
  • Code of Practice for Offshore Pipeline and Umbilical Installation Systems (IMCA M 253)
  • Basic safety training requirements for vessel personnel employed in the renewable energy sector (IMCA C 018)
  • Safe hands lifting (IMCA HSSE 045)
  • Guidance on the use of whip checks (hose restraints) (IMCA D 065)
Recently updated
  • Guidance for The Initial and Refresher Familiarisation of Vessel Crews (IMCA HSSE 003 Rev 1.1)
  • Guidance on Travel Security (IMCA HSSE 014 Rev 1.1)
  • Guidelines on the Management of Survey and Inspection Data (IMCA S 020 Rev. 0.1)
  • Guidelines on the Shared Use of Sensors for Survey and Positioning Purposes (IMCA S 023, M 235)
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