COVID-19/Coronavirus – Industry and expert guidance

COVID-19 is having a significant impact globally and specifically on our industry.

Please see below a compilation of the various safety flashes and briefing notes related to COVID-19 that we have circulated to our members recently.

Please note that the IMCA Secretariat is maintaining services to our members by working fully remotely. Please therefore continue to contact us in the normal ways.

This page continues to be updated as the situation evolves.

Allen Leatt
Chief Executive


  • Please note that NEW information will be highlighted as such for 7 days from the date of issue on this site.
  • Information published prior to the beginning of April 2020 is available in our COVID-19 briefing resource area. 

IMCA-published information on COVID-19



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Information published prior to 1 April is available in our COVID-19 briefing resource area.