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Apply for Membership

The first step in applying for membership is to create an account for this site which will let you start the application process, give you access to come back and update your application, check on the status of your application and update contact details. If you already have an account for this site you can use your existing credentials.

Some tips to help you in submitting your application:

  • When applying for Contractor or Supplier Membership you will need to provide certain details about your company including turnover, employee headcount, vessel information, industry sectors you operate in and details of accreditations.
  • Additional submissions will be required from diving contractor or diving training membership applicants, in line with our assessment procedures – our Membership Team will provide you with details once you have submitted the first part of your application.

Please note that all new membership applications are subject to a non-refundable £1,200 application fee. Any re-joining members are subject to a £2,500 re-application fee.

More Information

Please contact our team should you require any assistance.

IMCA membership application process
IMCA membership application process
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