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Life Support Technician

Our Certification Process ensures that candidates meet the criteria set for specific industry roles. We work closely with our Members to ensure that all our Certification Schemes are current and meet the needs of our industry.


Divers living in saturation conditions require constant monitoring and control by trained personnel – Life Support Technicians – working outside the compression chamber complex.  The oxygen content of the divers’ breathing gas, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the pressure, temperature and humidity of the chamber environment all need to be monitored regularly, and functions such as catering and sanitary disposal also need to be controlled from the outside. 

The role of the Life Support Technician is is safety critical and appropriate training and certification is essential to ensure safe practice.   

IMCA D 013 maps out IMCA’s scheme for the training and certification of Life Support Technicians.

IMCA Contact

Peter Sieniewicz
Technical Adviser – Diving