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Diving Personnel Certification

IMCA publishes a variety of guidance documents on diving-related training, to help ensure diving contractors can recruit, train and retain the skilled people they need. However, our direct role in the certification of diving personnel is restricted to a small number of positions, as detailed below.

Certificates directly issued by IMCA

The IMCA Offshore Diving Supervisor and Life Support Technician certification schemes each require candidates to:

  • attend and pass a preparatory training course
  • undertake practical on-the-job development as a trainee diving supervisor or assistant LST and
  • pass a final written examination set by IMCA

prior to certification by IMCA as an IMCA Diving Supervisor or IMCA Life Support Technician (LST).

Administrative Contact

IMCA Accreditation & Certification Team

Diving Contact

IMCA Communications Team

A scheme for accreditation of diving system inspectors is currently in development.

There are no other diving certificates directly issued by IMCA.

The IMCA diving supervisor and IMCA LST certificates do not represent a guarantee of competency. They simply confirm that the bearer is considered by IMCA to have fulfilled the training requirements of the certification scheme and successfully passed the relevant IMCA examination(s).

Certified diving supervisors are required to undertake continuing professional development (CPD), with an IMCA Diving CPD app available for this purpose.

IMCA approves a number of preparatory courses in relation to its certification schemes, with further details available in the course directory.

IMCA Recognition of Initial Diver Training Certificates

IMCA guidance recognises selected initial diver training certificates (both surface supplied and closed bell) for areas of the world not already covered by regulatory restrictions. 

For diving under the IMCA international code of practice for offshore diving, IMCA only recognises the diver (and diving supervisor) training certificates listed in the current version of the IMCA Briefing Note entitled Diver and diving supervisor certification.  No other initial diver training certificates are currently recognised by IMCA. 

The association does not approve or otherwise recognise individual diver training establishments or initial diver training courses.

The following documents, which are available in our publications section, set out the criteria used for by IMCA identifying appropriate certification and training.

In regulated waters, more restrictive lists of certificates accepted by regulatory authorities may apply.

Diver Medics

IMCA permits training providers teaching IMCA-approved diver medical technician (DMT) courses and DMT refresher courses to issue IMCA-recognised diver medic certificates to suitably qualified diving personnel who attend and pass these IMCA-approved courses. It is emphasised that the Association approves only the courses and not the training establishments themselves nor the competence of those who have attended the courses.

Medical Examiners of Divers and Diving Medical Physicians

IMCA does not approve or certify diving doctors and refers to the independent DMAC scheme for approval of training courses in diving medicine.

Diving System Inspectors

A scheme for accreditation of diving system inspectors, resulting in IMCA ADSI certification is currently in development. Experienced personnel were able to apply for accreditation during 2022 and the first certificates have been issued. These individuals will be able to supervise trainees working towards accreditation once the full scheme launches later in 2023.

Dive Technicians

IMCA has published guidance on technician competence and training but does not approve or certify training or individuals. You can read this guidance in IMCA D 001.