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Brand usage

IMCA Members are encouraged to use the IMCA logo in their corporate documentation to demonstrate membership of the association.

The brand of any organisation is an important part of its identity and we want Members to feel part of IMCA, however there are some guidelines around usage of our logo to ensure it is always represented accurately and professionally.

Acceptable usage

  • To indicate membership, preferably with the word ‘Member’ underneath
  • In association with only the following IMCA-approved courses: trainee diving supervisor; assistant life support technician; or IMCA-recognised diver medic training; ROV Introductory Training Courses, plus successfully completed IMCA-approved competence assessments for experienced divers.
  • To indicate an IMCA-supported event or publication (specific prior agreement with IMCA required).
  • With prior agreement, for the purposes of a website link where no IMCA-approval is implied or could be perceived.

Unacceptable usage

  • To indicate IMCA approval (apart from the courses listed above).
  • Auditing – there are no IMCA-approved auditors.
  • Contractors – there are no IMCA-approved contractors.
  • Training and certification – except for the courses named above, IMCA does not approve any other courses or training providers.
  • On certificates, as this could imply IMCA approval which does not exist.
  • For any other purposes without prior agreement.
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