Governance and Corporate Structure

The Association has a comprehensive governance programme covering the Board, Operations Committee and numerous technical committees and workgroups. A full time secretariat manages the day-to-day business of the Association. The working name of the International Marine Contractors Association is IMCA which, together with its logo, is trademarked.

The legal entity of the Association to which members belong is IMCA Holdings Ltd, a company limited by guarantee and incorporated in England (this is by far the most common legal format of associations in the UK). The trading company, IMCA Trading Ltd, a company limited by shares, is a subsidiary of the holding company and conducts business on behalf of the Association.

The legal rules and working procedures of IMCA are documented in the articles of association and bye-laws of the holding company, which together represent the Association’s constitution. The Governance Handbook provides a handy and user friendly overview of IMCA’s operational structure, its board and committees. The Code of Practice sets out IMCA’s values and principles of conduct.

All work undertaken by IMCA is conducted in accordance with our Competition Law Policy.

Committee Structure