Global Contractors (GCo)

GCo membership is IMCA’s highest category of membership. It covers all divisions and regions and reflects the active commitment to the association and leading roles in good practice within the industry of the following companies.
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International Contractors (ICo)

ICo membership is for contractors with an international presence, operating in three or more IMCA regions as offshore oil and gas construction contractors. It covers all divisions and regions and reflects a significant commitment to supporting association’s work.
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Contractors (Co)

IMCA exists to represent its contractor members and the work programme is directed to serve them, in terms of production/dissemination of industry good practice guidance, work on topics of common interest, briefing and lobbying.
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Diving contractors are identified by the following sub-categories:

    • Diving   Contractor (unrestricted)
    • Diving   Contractor (surface supplied only)
    • Diving   Contractor (one-atmosphere suits only)
    • Diving   Contractor (one-year temporary membership)
    • Diving   Contractor (one-year temporary membership for surface supplied diving only)

    Member nameDivisionsRegion
    1Diamond LLCROVNorth America
    Abu Dhabi Marine Operations and Services CompanyDivingMarineMiddle East & India
    ACSMROVEurope & Africa
    Acta Marine B.V.MarineEurope & Africa
    Adams Offshore WLLDivingMarineROVMiddle East & India
    Adsun Offshore Diving Contractors Pvt LtdDivingMiddle East & India
    Advanced Offshore Contractors Pvt LtdDivingROVMiddle East & India
    AET Shipmanagement (Singapore) Pte LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    Africa Diving Services (ADS)DivingSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    AfrikDelta Marine LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    Agencias Universales S.A. (AGUNSA)MarineAsia-Pacific
    AKOFS OffshoreMarineEurope & Africa
    Alam Hidro (M) Sdn BhdDivingAsia-Pacific
    Alam Maritim (M) Sdn BhdROVAsia-Pacific
    Alexandria Petroleum Maintenance Co.SurveyMiddle East & India
    All-Sea Offshore Asia LimitedROVAsia-Pacific
    AlMansoori Production Services LLCMarineMiddle East & India
    ALP Maritime ServicesMarineEurope & Africa
    Amaniaga Resources (M) Sdn BhdROVAsia-Pacific
    AMI - American Marine InternationalDivingNorth America
    Andrews SurveySurveyEurope & Africa
    ANTARES NAVIERA S.A.MarineSouth America
    Aqua Diving ServicesDivingMiddle East & India
    Aqua Omega Services Pvt LtdDivingMiddle East & India
    Aquadron, IncSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Aqueos CorporationDivingNorth America
    Aras Römorkör Hizmetleri San Ve Tic Ltd StiMarineEurope & Africa
    Archirodon Construction (Overseas) Co SADivingMiddle East & India
    Arctia Management Services LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    ArdentDivingNorth America
    Ardent - Europe & AfricaDivingEurope & Africa
    Argus Remote Systems ASROVEurope & Africa
    ASN MarineROVEurope & Africa
    Asso.Subsea LimitedROVEurope & Africa
    Assodivers Limited - Middle East & IndiaROVMiddle East & India
    Assodivers Marine Services LimitedMarineEurope & Africa
    ATCO Ports Management & Marine ServicesMarineMiddle East & India
    Atlantic Marine & Oilfield Services LtdDivingEurope & Africa
    Atlantic Maritime Group FZEMarineMiddle East & India
    Atlantic Towing LtdMarineNorth America
    Auspoint LimitedMarineEurope & Africa
    Awaritse Nigeria LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    Baggermaatschappij Boskalis BVMarineEurope & Africa
    Baltic Taucherei- Und Bergungsbetrieb Rostock GmbHROVEurope & Africa
    Beacon Offshore LtdDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Benthic Geotech Pty LtdROVAsia-Pacific
    Bernhard Schulte ShipmanagementMarineEurope & Africa
    Bhagwan MarineDivingMarineAsia-Pacific
    Bibby Marine Management LtdMarineSurveyEurope & Africa
    Bintang SubseaSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Bluestream Offshore BVDivingROVEurope & Africa
    Bluewater Energy Services BVMarineEurope & Africa
    Boskalis OffshoreDivingMarineROVEurope & Africa
    Boskalis Offshore - APACDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Boskalis Offshore - Middle East & IndiaDivingMarineROVMiddle East & India
    Boskalis Subsea Cables & FlexiblesMarineEurope & Africa
    BourbonMarineROVEurope & Africa
    Briggs Marine Contractors LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    Bumi Armada BerhadMarineAsia-Pacific
    Bumi Subsea Malaysia Sdn BhdROVAsia-Pacific
    C&I Leasing plcMarineEurope & Africa
    Canship Ugland LtdMarineNorth America
    Caracal Oil & Gas Services LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    Caspian Drilling Petrol Sanayi A.S.MarineEurope & Africa
    Caspian Offshore Construction LLPMarineMiddle East & India
    China Offshore Fugro Geosolutions (Shenzhen) Co, LtdSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    China Yantai SalvageMarineAsia-Pacific
    CMI Offshore LimitedMarineEurope & Africa
    CNS International srlDivingROVEurope & Africa
    Companhia Brasileira de Offshore - CBOMarineSouth America
    Consolidated Contractors Company (Underwater Engineering) SALDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Constructora Subacuatica Diavaz SA de CVDivingMarineNorth America
    COOEC Subsea Technology Co., LtdROVAsia-Pacific
    Copetech-SMROVEurope & Africa
    COSL ShippingMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    CSI Offshore Pte LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    D&R Subsea Co LtdSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Daniel Surveying FZCSurveyMiddle East & India
    DCN Diving BVDivingROVEurope & Africa
    DeepOcean Ghana LtdROVEurope & Africa
    DeepOcean GroupMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Deeptech Oil ServicesROVMiddle East & India
    Del. Seatek India Pvt. LtdDivingMiddle East & India
    Delta Subsea LLC/ Delta Marine TechnologiesROVNorth America
    DEME Offshore (Member of DEME Group)MarineEurope & Africa
    Diamond Offshore Drilling IncMarineNorth America
    Disa InternationalROVEurope & Africa
    Dive Works Subsea SolutionsROVAsia-Pacific
    Divetech Marine Engineering Services LLCDivingMiddle East & India
    Dolphin Drilling LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    Dulam International LtdDivingMarineROVMiddle East & India
    DWS Offshore Pte LtdDivingMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    EDT Marine Construction LtdSurveyEurope & Africa
    EDT Shipmanagement LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    EGS (Asia) LtdSurveyAsia-Pacific
    Eidesvik ASMarineEurope & Africa
    Epic Divers & MarineDivingNorth America
    ESVAGT ASMarineEurope & Africa
    Fertoing LtdSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Film-Ocean LimitedROVEurope & Africa
    Finarge Armamento Genovese SrlMarineEurope & Africa
    Floatel International ABMarineEurope & Africa
    Fred. Olsen Windcarrier ASMarineEurope & Africa
    FSDS LLCDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    FSDS LLPDivingROVMiddle East & India
    GC Rieber Shipping ASMarineEurope & Africa
    GEOXYZSurveyEurope & Africa
    Global Diving & Salvage IncDivingNorth America
    Global Energy (Group) LtdDivingEurope & Africa
    Global Marine GroupMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Global Marine ServicesMarineMiddle East & India
    Glomar Offshore Windsupport BVMarineEurope & Africa
    GMT Energy Resources LimitedMarineEurope & Africa
    GO OffshoreMarineAsia-Pacific
    Golden Energy Offshore Management ASMarineEurope & Africa
    GOSL Nigeria Limited SurveyEurope & Africa
    Greatship (India) LtdMarineMiddle East & India
    Guangzhou SalvageMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    Gulf Dredging & General Contracting Company KSC (Closed)MarineMiddle East & India
    Gulf Marine ServicesMarineMiddle East & India
    HAL Offshore LtdMarineMiddle East & India
    Halul Offshore Services CompanyDivingMarineROVMiddle East & India
    Harvey Gulf International Marine de MexicoMarineSouth America
    Havila Shipping ASAMarineEurope & Africa
    Heavy Engineering Industries & Shipbuilding Co. K.S.C.(Public)MarineMiddle East & India
    Horizon GeosciencesSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Horizon Maritime Services LtdMarineNorth America
    Hornbeck Offshore Operators LLCMarineROVNorth America
    Hull Support Services LtdDivingROVNorth America
    Hurricane Geo Inspection Survey Sdn BhdSurveyAsia-Pacific
    HydroDive Nigeria LtdDivingEurope & Africa
    HydroDive Offshore International LtdDivingEurope & Africa
    I-Tech7ROVEurope & Africa
    IDMC srl - Impresub Diving & Marine ContractorDivingROVEurope & Africa
    IGOPL Offshore Pvt. LtdDivingMiddle East & India
    IKM Subsea ASROVAsia-Pacific
    Impresub International LLCDivingSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Instalsub SAROVEurope & Africa
    Integrated Subsea Engineering & Services LLCDivingMiddle East & India
    InterMoor LtdMarineSurveyEurope & Africa
    International Marine Works - AlexandriaDivingROVMiddle East & India
    International Naval Works - Abu DhabiDivingMarineMiddle East & India
    Interoil AngolaMarineEurope & Africa
    Intership LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    iROV Underwater ServicesROVEurope & Africa
    Island Drilling Company ASMarineEurope & Africa
    Island Offshore Management ASMarineEurope & Africa
    ISURVEY Group ASSurveyEurope & Africa
    Jack-Up Barge BVMarineEurope & Africa
    Jackson Offshore Operators LLCMarineNorth America
    James Fisher Marine ServicesDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    James Fisher Subtech Group Ltd - Europe & AfricaDivingEurope & Africa
    James Fisher Subtech Group Ltd - Middle East & IndiaDivingMiddle East & India
    Jan De Nul nvMarineEurope & Africa
    Jeruzeth International Engineering Company LimitedMarineEurope & Africa
    Jifmar Offshore ServicesMarineROVEurope & Africa
    Jumbo Offshore VoFMarineEurope & Africa
    KD Marine LtdDivingEurope & Africa
    Khalid Faraj ShippingMarineMiddle East & India
    Khalifa A Algosaibi Diving & Marine ServicesDivingMiddle East & India
    KNOT Management ASMarineEurope & Africa
    Kreuz Subsea Pte LtdDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Kreuz Subsea Technologies Pte LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    KT Submarine Co LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    L&T Sapura Shipping Pvt LtdMarineMiddle East & India
    Lighthouse S.p.AMarineSurveyEurope & Africa
    Louis Dreyfus Armateurs SASMarineEurope & Africa
    Louis Dreyfus TravoceanROVEurope & Africa
    Maersk Drilling A/SMarineEurope & Africa
    Maersk Supply ServiceMarineEurope & Africa
    Maridive & Oil ServicesMarineMiddle East & India
    Maridive & Oil Services (SAE)DivingMiddle East & India
    Maridive Offshore ProjectsDivingSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Marine Consulting International SrlDivingEurope & Africa
    Marine Platforms LtdMarineROVEurope & Africa
    Marine Services Co Ltd Saudi ArabiaMarineMiddle East & India
    Maritime Construction Services B.V.MarineEurope & Africa
    Marnavi SpaMarineEurope & Africa
    Master Tech Diving Services Pte LtdDivingAsia-Pacific
    Melsmore Marine Nigeria LimitedROVEurope & Africa
    Mermaid Subsea Services (Thailand) LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Mermaid Subsea Services - Europe & AfricaDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Mermaid Subsea Services LLCDivingROVMiddle East & India
    Mermaid Subsea Services MalaysiaDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Mermaid Subsea Services Saudi Arabia Co., LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Miclyn Express Offshore Pte LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    MMA Offshore LimitedMarineAsia-Pacific
    MMSL - Menas Marine Services LtdMarineMiddle East & India
    MMT (Marin Mätteknik AB)SurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Modus Seabed Intervention LtdROVEurope & Africa
    Mohn Drilling ASDivingROVEurope & Africa
    MRSSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    MRTSSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Mubarak Marine LLCMarineMiddle East & India
    Mutawa Marine Works LLCDivingMiddle East & India
    N-SeaDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Nadi Marine Sdn BhdROVAsia-Pacific
    National Marine Dredging CoMarineMiddle East & India
    Navtec Marine Services SAMarineMiddle East & India
    NDE Offshore ABDivingROVEurope & Africa
    Neptune Diving ServicesDivingSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    New Zealand Diving and Salvage LtdDivingAsia-Pacific
    Next GeosolutionsMarineSurveyEurope & Africa
    Nippon Steel Engineering Co LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    NKT HV Cables ABMarineROVEurope & Africa
    Noble Drilling Services IncMarineNorth America
    Northern Marine GroupMarineEurope & Africa
    NPCC - National Petroleum Construction CompanyDivingSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Ocean InstallerMarineEurope & Africa
    Ocean Works Asia, Inc.DivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Oceaneering InternationalSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Oceaneering International Asia PacificSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Oceaneering International, Inc.DivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Oceaneering Marine Production Systems do BrasilSurveyROVSouth America
    OctomarDivingEurope & Africa
    Odfjell DrillingMarineEurope & Africa
    Offshore Subsea ServicesDivingMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    Olympic Shipping ASMarineEurope & Africa
    OOS International BVMarineAsia-Pacific
    Optic Marine Services International LimitedMarineAsia-Pacific
    Orogenic GeoExpro Sdn BhdSurveyAsia-Pacific
    OSC GroupDivingROVEurope & Africa
    OSM Offshore ASMarineEurope & Africa
    Otech Group ASDivingEurope & Africa
    Pacific Geomatics Sdn BhdSurveyAsia-Pacific
    PBJV Group Sdn BhdMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    Petro ServicesMarineEurope & Africa
    PETRODIVEDivingEurope & Africa
    Petroleum Marine Services Co.DivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Petroserv Marine, IncMarineNorth America
    Petrovietnam Manpower Training CollegeDivingAsia-Pacific
    Phoenix International Holdings, IncROVNorth America
    Poseidon Maritime Services Pte LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    Posh Semco Pte LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    Professional Subsea Service LtdDivingEurope & Africa
    Prosafe Offshore LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    Prysmian Powerlink Services LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    PT Advanced Offshore ServicesDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    PT Aquamarine Divindo InspectionROVAsia-Pacific
    PT Bahtera Niaga InternationalMarineAsia-Pacific
    PT Bayu MaritimMarineAsia-Pacific
    PT Guna Tesuma InternasionalROVAsia-Pacific
    PT Jaya Salvage IndonesiaDivingAsia-Pacific
    PT Lancar Rejeki Berkat JayaDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    PT Offshore Services IndonesiaDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    PT PATRA DINAMIKADivingROVAsia-Pacific
    PT Pelayaran Menaratama Samudra IndahMarineAsia-Pacific
    PT Prima MitranataROVAsia-Pacific
    PT Samudera Energi TangguhMarineAsia-Pacific
    PT Seascape Surveys IndonesiaDivingSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    PT Wintermar Offshore Marine TbkMarineAsia-Pacific
    PTSC Geos & Subsea Services Co LtdMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Queiroz Galvão Óleo e GásMarineSouth America
    Rana Diving spaDivingEurope & Africa
    Rawabi Vallianz Offshore Services Co LtdMarineMiddle East & India
    Reach Subsea ASROVEurope & Africa
    Redtech Offshore Sdn BhdMarineAsia-Pacific
    Rem Maritime ASMarineROVEurope & Africa
    Rever OffshoreDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    RK8 Offshore Pte LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    RM Geometra Sdn BhdSurveyAsia-Pacific
    Romona IncSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    ROV Resources (M) Sdn BhdROVAsia-Pacific
    ROVOP LimitedROVEurope & Africa
    S. B. Submarine Systems Co., LtdMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    Sahara Petroleum CompanySurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Sapura Energy AustraliaMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    Sapura Geosurvey Sdn BhdMarineSurveyAsia-Pacific
    Sapura Navegação Marítima S.A.MarineSouth America
    Sapura Subsea Services Sdn BhdDivingMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    SC Management Co., LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    SC Shark SRLDivingSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors NVMarineEurope & Africa
    Seacor Marine (International) LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    Seacor Offshore Dubai LLCMarineMiddle East & India
    Seadrill Management LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    Seadrill Servicos de Petroleo LtdaMarineSouth America
    Seafox Operations BVMarineEurope & Africa
    Seamar Subsea BVMarineEurope & Africa
    Seamec LimitedDivingMarineMiddle East & India
    SeaPro Petroleum & Marine Services (Marine Contractors)MarineSurveyMiddle East & India
    Searov OffshoreROVEurope & Africa
    SeaTec Services Pte LtdDivingAsia-Pacific
    SeaTec UK LimitedDivingEurope & Africa
    Seatek Oil and Gas Services LLCDivingMiddle East & India
    Seaway Offshore Cables GmbHMarineEurope & Africa
    Seaways International DMCCMarineMiddle East & India
    Secunda Canada LPMarineNorth America
    Shanghai Salvage CompanyDivingMarineAsia-Pacific
    Shanye Marine Services Co LtdDivingAsia-Pacific
    Shelf SubseaDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Shenzhen Huawei Offshore Shipping Transport Co.LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    SHL Offshore Contractors B.V.MarineEurope & Africa
    Siem Offshore ASMarineROVEurope & Africa
    Sigma OffshoreDivingEurope & Africa
    Simon Møkster Shipping ASMarineEurope & Africa
    Six Construct LtdMarineMiddle East & India
    Skansi OffshoreMarineEurope & Africa
    Smit LamnalcoDivingMarineROVMiddle East & India
    SOCAR, Azneft PU, Diving ServiceDivingROVMiddle East & India
    SOCAR-Dalgidj LLCDivingROVMiddle East & India
    Solstad Shipping ASMarineEurope & Africa
    Stanford MarineMarineMiddle East & India
    Stapem Offshore SADivingROVEurope & Africa
    Stena Drilling LimitedMarineEurope & Africa
    Subsea Explore Services (M) Sdn BhdROVAsia-Pacific
    Subsea Petroleum ServicesMarineMiddle East & India
    SubSea T&T Ltd/ BIDCO LtdROVSouth America
    SubseaPartner ASDivingEurope & Africa
    Subtech Group Holdings Pty LtdDivingEurope & Africa
    Supreme Hydro Engineering Pvt LtdDivingMiddle East & India
    SvitzerMarineEurope & Africa
    Svitzer Australia Pty LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    Swire Pacific Offshore Operations Pte LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    Swire Seabed ASROVEurope & Africa
    Synergy Subsea Engineering LLCDivingMiddle East & India
    Tan Cang Offshore JSCROVAsia-Pacific
    TecnosubDivingEurope & Africa
    Telford OffshoreMarineEurope & Africa
    Tethys-Plantgeria LtdDivingMarineROVEurope & Africa
    Thien Nam Offshore Services JSCROVAsia-Pacific
    Thien Nam Positioning JSCSurveyAsia-Pacific
    Thien Nam Subsea Services JSCDivingAsia-Pacific
    TianJin Harbour Marine Engineering Co.,LtdSurveyAsia-Pacific
    Tidewater Inc.MarineNorth America
    Tidewater Marine UK LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    Tidewater Support Services LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    Tideway Bv - Offshore Solutions (member of the DEME Group)MarineEurope & Africa
    Timsah Shipbuilding CompanyDivingMarineMiddle East & India
    Toll Energy and Marine LogisticsMarineAsia-Pacific
    Topaz Energy and MarineMarineMiddle East & India
    Total AMS Pty LtdMarineAsia-Pacific
    Total Marine Technology Pty LtdROVAsia-Pacific
    TransoceanMarineNorth America
    Transoceanic Cable Ship Company, LLC.MarineROVNorth America
    Troms Offshore Management ASMarineEurope & Africa
    TS SHIPPING OÜMarineEurope & Africa
    Tsakos Columbia Shipmanagement 'TCM' S.AMarineEurope & Africa
    TSMCDivingEurope & Africa
    Ugland Marine ServicesMarineEurope & Africa
    Ultra Deep Subsea Pte LtdDivingAsia-Pacific
    Underwater Services Company LtdDivingMiddle East & India
    Unidive Offshore Pte LtdDivingAsia-Pacific
    UTEC NCS Survey LtdSurveyEurope & Africa
    UTEC Survey Asia Pte LtdSurveyAsia-Pacific
    UTEC Survey, Inc.SurveyNorth America
    Valaris PlcMarineNorth America
    Van Oord Dredging and Marine ContractorsMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Vantage Energy Services Inc. MarineNorth America
    Vattenfall Europe Windkraft GmbHMarineEurope & Africa
    Viking Supply Ships ASMarineEurope & Africa
    Volstad Management ASMarineEurope & Africa
    Vroon Offshore Services BVMarineEurope & Africa
    Vroon Offshore Services LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    Vroon Offshore Services SrlMarineEurope & Africa
    Wagenborg Offshore Holding BVMarineEurope & Africa
    West African Ventures LtdMarineEurope & Africa
    Wilhelmsen Ship Management (Norway) ASMarineEurope & Africa
    Wise Engineering & Surveying Co LtdSurveyAsia-Pacific
    Zakher Marine International Inc.MarineMiddle East & India
    Zamil Offshore Services CompanyMarineSurveyMiddle East & India

    Suppliers (S and S*)

    Those companies supplying IMCA’s contractor members can benefit from our work in their areas of expertise and interest; they also provide additional expert input to assist in our ongoing work programme, including development of industry guidance.
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    Supplier types:

    • E Equipment
    • S Services
    • N Naval unit
    • T Training establishment
    • P Personnel agency
    Member nameTypeDivisionsRegion
    3B Srl  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    ABB AS, Marine DivisionE        MarineSurveyEurope & Africa
    ABEL ROV Training Division      T  ROVEurope & Africa
    Abyssal SAE        ROVEurope & Africa
    Advacotec LtdE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Advance Global Recruitment Ltd         SurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Advanced Marine Pte LtdE S      DivingSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    African Marine Solutions Group (Pty) LtdE S      DivingMarineEurope & Africa
    Air Liquide Oil & Gas Services LimitedE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Air Liquide Singapore Pte LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Air Products (Dongguan) Gases Co.,LtdE S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    Air Products plcE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Air Products Singapore Industrial Gases Pte. LtdE S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    Alf Lea ASE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Alliance Marine Services  S      MarineNorth America
    AMOS Supply Pte. Ltd.  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Ampelmann Operations B.V.  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Andra Offshore Services Pte Ltd  S      DivingMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    Anglo-Eastern Group  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    APAVE MARE Training Center (ex AdriaMare)      T  MarineROVEurope & Africa
    Applied Research International Pvt. Ltd  S      MarineROVMiddle East & India
    Aqualis Offshore - Singapore  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Aqualis Offshore Marine Services LLC  S      MarineMiddle East & India
    Aries Marine  S      MarineMiddle East & India
    ASK Safety AS      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    Atlantis Deep Sea Ltd      T  ROVEurope & Africa
    Atlas Programmed Marine Pty Ltd      T  MarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Atlas Services Group Energy Ltd      T  SurveyROVEurope & Africa
    ATR Group  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Bei Jing Jin Zhou Tuo Technology Development Limit Corporation  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Blade Offshore Services Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Blue OffshoreE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Blue Water Engineering (M) Sdn Bhd  S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    BOATLABS AS  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    BOC LimitedE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Braemar Technical Services (Offshore) Pte Ltd  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Brave Oilfield Services Engineering Sdn Bhd         ROVAsia-Pacific
    Bridon-Bekaert, The Ropes GroupE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Brunel         MarineAsia-Pacific
    BS Divers      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    BSA Offshore AS  S      ROVEurope & Africa
    Bureau Veritas         MarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Buzwair Industrial Gases Factories  S      DivingMiddle East & India
    C-DOC      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    C-MAR America Inc.   S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Caledonia Competence Limited  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Carsurin  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    CDA Technical Institute, Inc      T  DivingNorth America
    Cescor srl  S      SurveyEurope & Africa
    CFO - Centro Formazione Offshore      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    Chambers Oceanics FZCE        DivingMiddle East & India
    Chambers Oceanics LtdE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Charkin Maritime & Offshore Safety Centre      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    Chesterfield Special Cylinders Ltd  S      DivingEurope & Africa
    China Classification Society Industrial Corp. (Guangzhou Branch)  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    China Tianjin Bel Demain Science & Technology Development Co. Ltd         MarineAsia-Pacific
    Claymore Manning         ROVEurope & Africa
    Comanex SASE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Commercial Dive Academy      T  DivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Commercial Diving Company for Marine Services (CDC)         DivingMarineEurope & Africa
    Commercial Diving Institute of Canada      T  DivingNorth America
    Commercial Diving Technologies, LLC      T  DivingNorth America
    Compass Personnel Services Inc      T  SurveyROVNorth America
    Consortium Underwater Engineers Ltd  S      DivingEurope & Africa
    Constanta Maritime University      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    COOEC Subsea Technology Co Ltd - Training      T  ROVAsia-Pacific
    Cortland Company LtdE S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Cullen & McLean Sourcing Ltd         SurveyEurope & Africa
    Dave Oliver Hydrographic Services Ltd         SurveyEurope & Africa
    DDRC Healthcare      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    De Zeeman Pro NvE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Def Maritime and Offshore Services  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Digital Horizon Co Ltd         SurveyEurope & Africa
    Divers Academy International      T  DivingNorth America
    Divers Institute of Technology      T  DivingNorth America
    Divers University Esporte Aquático Ltda      T  DivingSouth America
    DiveSafe International      T  DivingNorth America
    DiveSource Limited      T PDivingROVEurope & Africa
    Diving Engineering & Consultancy Office (DECO)         ROVEurope & Africa
    DNV GL  S      DivingMarineEurope & Africa
    DNV GL - Central & North America  S      MarineNorth America
    DNV GL - Middle East & India  S      MarineMiddle East & India
    DNV GL SE         DivingMarineROVEurope & Africa
    DNV GL Singapore Pte. Ltd  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Dominion Gas Asia Pacific Pte LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    DP & Marine Assurance Norway AS         MarineEurope & Africa
    Drass Galeazzi SRLE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Drass Romania SrlE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Drexel Marine International Petroleum ServicesE S      ROVMiddle East & India
    Dropsafe (Newmar Ltd)E        MarineAsia-Pacific
    Dynamic Positioning Tech Sdn Bhd  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Dynamic Surveys  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Dynamica RopesE S      MarineEurope & Africa
    East Coast College      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    Ecole Nationale des Scaphandriers      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    EF Consult Asia Pte Ltd      T  DivingAsia-Pacific
    Eggers-Kampfmittelbergung GmbH  S      DivingSurveyEurope & Africa
    Emergency Services Training Centre      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    EnerMech Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    ERSG Ltd         DivingROVEurope & Africa
    Extramare Oy         MarineEurope & Africa
    Far Frontier Energy Services         SurveyAsia-Pacific
    Fathom Systems LtdE S      DivingROVEurope & Africa
    Flash Tekk Engineering Pte LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Flinders EMA Pte Ltd  S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    Force Technology      T  ROVEurope & Africa
    Forum Energy TechnologiesE        ROVNorth America
    Forum Energy Technologies (UK) LtdE S      ROVEurope & Africa
    Forum Subsea Technologies APE        ROVAsia-Pacific
    Fox Offshore Pte. Ltd  S      DivingMarineAsia-Pacific
    Franklin Offshore Europe BV  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Franklin Offshore International Pte LtdE S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Furui Maritime Technology Pte Ltd  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Gass Og Pusteservice AS (gpsas)E        DivingEurope & Africa
    GE Energy Management Power Conversion UK LtdE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Geo Ingenieurservice Nord-Ost GmbH & Co. KG  S      MarineSurveyEurope & Africa
    Gigamare Inc      T  MarineAsia-Pacific
    Global Energy (Group) Ltd  S      DivingEurope & Africa
    Global Gases Australia Pty LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Global Gases Group FZEE        DivingMiddle East & India
    Global Maritime  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Global Maritime (Asia-Pacific)  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Global Maritime (Middle East)  S      MarineMiddle East & India
    GMCG GUYANAE S      MarineSouth America
    Godrej Memorial Hospital      T  DivingMiddle East & India
    Green Marine Solutions Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Greenstar Positioning Joint Stock CompanyE S      SurveyAsia-Pacific
    Guidance Marine LtdE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Gulf Marine Contractors  S      MarineNorth America
    Hendrik Veder Group BVE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Holland College - Marine Training Centre      T  MarineNorth America
    HPR (UK) Ltd      T  SurveyEurope & Africa
    HS Water Solutions S.R.L      T  DivingSouth America
    Hydro Oil & Gas Training      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    Hyperbaric Health Asia Sdn Bhd      T  DivingAsia-Pacific
    I3P ConsultantsE S      MarineNorth America
    IHC Holland BV  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    IHC Hytech BVE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Independent Marine & Engineering Consultants (IMEC)  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Inkster Marine AS  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Innovatum LtdE        SurveyROVEurope & Africa
    INNOVO Engineering & Construction LimitedE S      MarineEurope & Africa
    INPP - Institut National de Plongée Professionnelle      T  DivingROVEurope & Africa
    Insea Quality Services      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    Instituto Superior De Ingenieria Inc. (I.S.I)      T  DivingSouth America
    Interdive Services Ltd      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    International Diving Institute      T  DivingNorth America
    Iqarus  S      DivingEurope & Africa
    Italian Maritime Academy Technologies  S      MarineSurveyEurope & Africa
    Jacks Dive Chest Commercial Diving School      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    James Fisher Offshore LimitedE        DivingEurope & Africa
    JFD (JFD Ltd & National Hyperbaric Centre)E        DivingROVEurope & Africa
    JFD AustraliaE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    JFD Singapore Pte LtdE S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    Jiangsu Zhongtian Technology Co Ltd (ZTT)E        MarineAsia-Pacific
    JW AutomarineE        DivingMarineEurope & Africa
    KB Associates (Europe) Limited      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    KB Associates Pte Ltd  S      DivingMarineAsia-Pacific
    KBA Training Centre Pte Ltd      T  DivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Kennedy Marr Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Kenz Figee BVE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Khalifa A Algosaibi Diving & Marine Technical Services Company  S      DivingMiddle East & India
    Kirby Morgan Dive SystemsE     T  DivingNorth America
    Kongsberg Maritime ASE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Kongsberg Maritime Training Grilstad      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    KTL Offshore Pte LtdE        MarineAsia-Pacific
    Lankhorst RopesE S      MarineSurveyEurope & Africa
    LBJ Maritime Inc      T  DivingNorth America
    LDC Training Ltd      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    Leong Siew Weng Engineering Pte Ltd         DivingAsia-Pacific
    Level Power & Automation AS  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Liebherr-Great Britain Ltd - Maritime CranesE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Lift-Tex Heavy Lift         Europe & Africa
    Lily Hospitals Limited  S      DivingEurope & Africa
    Lloyd's Register EMEA         DivingEurope & Africa
    London Offshore Consultants Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    M3 Marine Group Pte Ltd  S      DivingMarineROVAsia-Pacific
    Maersk Training A/S      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    Marex Marine Services Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Marine Gate Limited  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador      T  MarineROVNorth America
    Marine Safety Consultants, Inc.  S      MarineNorth America
    Marine Services Co. LtdE S      DivingMiddle East & India
    Marine Solutions (Pty) LtdE     T  ROVEurope & Africa
    Maritime Assurance & Consulting Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    Maritime Safety Institute      T  MarineMiddle East & India
    Maritime State University named after G.I. Nevelskoy      T  SurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Maritime Support Services LimitedE S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Marsh Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Marsol International LimitedE S      MarineMiddle East & India
    MatthewsDaniel  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    MCS Free ZoneE S      ROVMiddle East & India
    Medea srl  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Medipro Limited      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    Mexssub International LLC  S      DivingNorth America
    MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Middle East for Commercial Diving - MECD      T  DivingROVMiddle East & India
    MITek  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    MJR Controls LtdE S      MarineEurope & Africa
    MOG Industry Training Co. Ltd      T  DivingAsia-Pacific
    MTCS (UK) Ltd      T  SurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Namaka Subsea Ltd  S      DivingEurope & Africa
    National Oceanography Centre, Southampton      T  MarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Nautica Dynamics Pte Ltd         MarineAsia-Pacific
    Naval Group Far East Pte LtdE S      ROVAsia-Pacific
    Navis Engineering OYE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Netherlands Diving Centre      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    Newton Subsea      T  SurveyEurope & Africa
    Nippon Gases Offshore LimitedE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Norsk Yrkesdykkerskole (Norwegian School of Commercial Diving)      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    Northern DiverE        DivingEurope & Africa
    NTNU Faculty of Maritime Technology and Operations      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    NUI AS  S      DivingEurope & Africa
    NUSI Offshore Training Institute      T  MarineMiddle East & India
    NuvairE        DivingNorth America
    NZ School of Commercial Diver Training      T  DivingAsia-Pacific
    OCEANOS Commercial Diving School      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    OCEANOS JSCE        DivingROVEurope & Africa
    Oceanscan LtdE        SurveyEurope & Africa
    OMC - Offshore Marine Consulting  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Orion Engineering Ltd         DivingROVEurope & Africa
    Oxy-Dive Training Center      T  ROVMiddle East & India
    Pacific Commercial Diving Supply Pty LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Pan Arab E-Navigation DP Training Center      T  MarineMiddle East & India
    PANOLIN UK LtdE        MarineROVEurope & Africa
    Parkburn Precision Handling Systems Limited  S      DivingMarineEurope & Africa
    Perge Maritime & Shipping Co LtdE S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Peterson (United Kingdom) Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Peterson Den Helder B.V  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Petrofac Facilities Management Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Petrolis SA         DivingMarineEurope & Africa
    Pharos Offshore Group Ltd         ROVEurope & Africa
    Pino Sub S.AE        DivingSouth America
    Pipeline & Piling Services Co LtdE        ROVAsia-Pacific
    Pirie & Smith Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Plymouth University      T  SurveyEurope & Africa
    Polaris Learning Ltd      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    Pommec TDE BVE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Position Inc.  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Post Assurance Brokers         MarineROVEurope & Africa
    PR Offshore Services Ltd         ROVEurope & Africa
    Primo Marine  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    PRO Marine Solutions Pvt Ltd  S      MarineMiddle East & India
    Professional Diving Academy      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    Professional Diving Centre      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    Proserv | NautronixE S      SurveyEurope & Africa
    PT Explora Prima         SurveyAsia-Pacific
    PT International Offshore Services         MarineAsia-Pacific
    PT JF Moore International  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    PT Makara Jaya Marine  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    PT Pageo Utama  S      SurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    PT Surveyor Indonesia         MarineAsia-Pacific
    PVD Technical Training & Certification JSC Vietnam  S      DivingSurveyAsia-Pacific
    QinetiQ Ltd  S      DivingROVEurope & Africa
    QSTAR ROV Training Center      T  ROVEurope & Africa
    Redaelli Tecna spaE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Remøy Management AS  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    RINA Services SpA  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    ROCOLE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Rolls-Royce Marine ASE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Rolls-Royce Oy AbE        MarineEurope & Africa
    RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH U. Co.. KGE        ROVEurope & Africa
    Saab Seaeye LtdE        ROVEurope & Africa
    Safe Marine Assurance  S      MarineNorth America
    Salvage & Marine Operations    N    DivingMarineROVEurope & Africa
    Samson Rope TechnologiesE        MarineNorth America
    Samundra Institute of Maritime Studies      T  MarineMiddle East & India
    SAT SystemsE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Satakunta University of Applied Sciences      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    Sea and Land Technologies Pte LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Sea Source Off-Shore Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Seacroft Marine Consultants Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    SeaplaceE S      MarineEurope & Africa
    SeaRoc Group Limited  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Seatechs Limited         ROVEurope & Africa
    Seatek Oil and Gas Services LLC         DivingMiddle East & India
    Seatools BVE        ROVEurope & Africa
    Sebastian AS  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Sen Control LtdE S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Seneca College - Underwater Skills Program      T  DivingNorth America
    Shanghai Jian Long ROV Technology Co., Ltd      T  ROVAsia-Pacific
    Shanghai Maritime University      T  MarineSurveyAsia-Pacific
    Shanghai Salvage Bureau Wuhu Diving Equipment PlantE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Sharp Crewing Services Pte Ltd         MarineAsia-Pacific
    Sheffield Offshore Services Pte Ltd         MarineAsia-Pacific
    Siemens Gamesa Renewable EnergyE S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Simsea Real Operations AS      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    Simwave BV      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    Singapore Polytechnic      T  MarineAsia-Pacific
    Skan-El ASE S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Slingmax, Inc.E S      MarineNorth America
    Sodexo SA - Energy & Resources  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Soil Machine Dynamics LtdE        ROVEurope & Africa
    Sonardyne Asia Pte LtdE        SurveyAsia-Pacific
    Sonardyne International LtdE        MarineSurveyEurope & Africa
    Sources Workshop Equipment Co (LLC)E        DivingMiddle East & India
    Sparrows Offshore Services Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    SPSC Engineering Sdn Bhd         SurveyAsia-Pacific
    SS Subsea Works Sdn Bhd, MalaysiaE S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    STC-Group      T  MarineROVEurope & Africa
    Stephenson Harwood LLP  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    STORM Ltd      T  ROVAsia-Pacific
    Structure-Flex LtdE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Submarine Manufacturing & Products LtdE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Supagas Pty LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Survie Mer Formation      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    Suzhou DAANBOSI Hai Shi Ji Shu Fu Wu You Xian Gong Si(DYPOS Marine Services Ltd)         MarineAsia-Pacific
    SVAROG         SurveyEurope & Africa
    Synergy Diving and Equipment Solutions FZCE        DivingMiddle East & India
    Synergy Subsea Engineering LLCE        DivingMiddle East & India
    Tanabe Pneumatic Machinery Co Ltd  S      DivingAsia-Pacific
    TATI University College Sdn Bhd      T  ROVAsia-Pacific
    TE Connectivity - Rochester Wire & CableE S      ROVNorth America
    Team Trident LLC         ROVNorth America
    TECNOAMBIENTE, S.L  S      SurveyEurope & Africa
    TenneT Offshore  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Teufelberger Seil GmbHE        MarineEurope & Africa
    The Contracts Department  S      DivingEurope & Africa
    The Faraday Centre Ltd      T  MarineEurope & Africa
    The Ocean Corporation      T  DivingNorth America
    Thome Offshore Management Pte Ltd  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Thrust Maritime Pty LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    TMC (Marine Consultants) Ltd  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    TMC Marine Pte Ltd  S      MarineAsia-Pacific
    Totalmat Indústria e comercio de Equipamentos Hiperbáricos LtdaE        DivingSouth America
    Training, Education and Certification Department of SOCAR      T  DivingMiddle East & India
    Trauma Training      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    Trim Systems Pte LtdE        DivingAsia-Pacific
    Tritek Power & Automation FZC  S      MarineMiddle East & India
    Trone Solutions and Technologies Sdn BhdE S      ROVAsia-Pacific
    TWI Ltd      T  DivingROVEurope & Africa
    Unique Group - Europe & AfricaE        DivingEurope & Africa
    Unique Group - Middle East & IndiaE        DivingMiddle East & India
    Unique System (SEA) Pte Ltd         DivingAsia-Pacific
    United Offshore Services CVE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Unitex Holding BVE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Usha Martin ItaliaE        MarineEurope & Africa
    UTM Consultants         SurveyEurope & Africa
    V.Ships Offshore  S      DivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Van Beest B.V.E        MarineEurope & Africa
    VeriposE S      SurveyEurope & Africa
    WDI Westfälische Drahtindustrie GmbHE        MarineEurope & Africa
    Westcon Power & Automation AS  S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Diver Education      T  DivingEurope & Africa
    Windnova Systems S.LE S      MarineEurope & Africa
    Wärtsilä Dynamic Positioning IncE        MarineNorth America
    Xing Wei Pte Ltd  S      SurveyAsia-Pacific

    Corresponding (C)

    Non-voting, corresponding membership is open to companies and organisations with an interest in IMCA’s work, but which the association does not represent directly, such as clients (oil companies, etc.), regulators (governments and other bodies) and other associations/professional bodies working in the offshore sector.
    More on corresponding membership …

    Member nameDivisionsRegion
    ADAS - Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme Board Inc, TheDivingAsia-Pacific
    Aker BP ASADivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Apache North Sea LimitedDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Association of Diving ContractorsDivingEurope & Africa
    Association of Diving Contractors International (ADCI)DivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Bahamas Maritime AuthorityMarineEurope & Africa
    BHP BillitonDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    BP BerauDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    BP Exploration Operating Company LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Brunei Shell Petroleum Company Sendirian BerhadDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Offshore Petroleum Board (C-NLOPB)DivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Center for Offshore SafetyMarineROVNorth America
    Chevron Shipping CoDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Chrysaor Holdings LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    CNR International UK LtdDivingEurope & Africa
    ConocoPhillips (UK) LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Dana Petroleum LimitedDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Dana Petroleum Netherlands BVDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Diver Certification Board of CanadaDivingNorth America
    Dolphin Energy LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Dubai Petroleum EstablishmentDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    EDF Energies NouvellesMarineEurope & Africa
    Equinor ASADivingMarineROVEurope & Africa
    Exxon Neftegas LimitedDivingSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    ExxonMobil Development CompanyDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO)DivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Health & Safety ExecutiveDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Hess CorporationDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Hess Denmark ApSDivingMarineROVEurope & Africa
    Husky EnergyDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    IADC - International Association of Drilling ContractorsMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    IAGC - International Association of Geophysical ContractorsSurveyNorth America
    INEOS E&P A/SDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    INPEX Operations Australia Pty LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Instituto Brasileiro de Petróleo, Gás e BiocombustíveisDivingMarineSurveyROVSouth America
    International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (IOGP)DivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    International Chamber of ShippingDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    International Diving Schools AssociationDivingEurope & Africa
    International Jack-Up Barge Owners AssociationMarineEurope & Africa
    Irish Naval ServiceDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    ISOA - International Support Vessel Operators' AssociationMarineEurope & Africa
    Kuwait Oil CompanyDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Maritime & Coastguard AgencyMarineEurope & Africa
    National Offshore Petroleum Safety & Environmental Management AuthorityDivingMarineAsia-Pacific
    National Workboat AssociationMarineEurope & Africa
    Nederlandse Aardolie Maatschappij BVMarineEurope & Africa
    Neptune Energy Netherlands BVDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Nexen Petroleum UK LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    NOIA - National Ocean Industries AssociationDivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Nord Stream AGSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    North Oil CompanyDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Offshore Operators Committee (OOC)DivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    Oil & Natural Gas Corporation LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF)MarineEurope & Africa
    OMV Exploration & Production GmbHDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Parkwind NvMarineEurope & Africa
    Perenco UK LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Petrobras - Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.DivingMarineSurveyROVSouth America
    Petroleum Safety Authority NorwayDivingEurope & Africa
    POSCO International CorporationDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Premier Oil UK LimitedDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    PT Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    PTT Exploration & Production plcDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Qatar PetroleumDivingMarineMiddle East & India
    Repsol Sinopec Resources UK LimitedDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Rosneft BVDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Royal New Zealand NavyDivingROVAsia-Pacific
    Santos WA Energy LimitedDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Saudi Aramco - Marine DepartmentDivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    ScottishPower RenewablesDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Serica EnergyDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Shell Global Solutions International BVDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    SSE RenewablesDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Subsea UKDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Suncor Energy Inc.DivingMarineSurveyROVNorth America
    The Nautical InstituteMarineEurope & Africa
    Total Austral SADivingMarineSurveyROVSouth America
    Total E&P UK LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Total Exploration & ProductionDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    US Coast GuardMarineNorth America
    Vedanta Limited (Cairn Oil & Gas)DivingMarineSurveyROVMiddle East & India
    Wintershall Noordzee BVDivingMarineEurope & Africa
    Wintershall Norge ASDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa
    Woodside Energy LtdDivingMarineSurveyROVAsia-Pacific
    Ørsted Wind Power A/SDivingMarineSurveyROVEurope & Africa