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Diving Supervisor

Our Certification Process ensures that candidates meet the criteria set for specific industry roles. We work closely with our Members to ensure that all our Certification Schemes are current and meet the needs of our industry.


Diving Supervisors carry out a safety critical role as they are responsible for all aspects of the diving operations they supervise. As such, ensuring they have relevant experience and keep up to date with the latest industry information and guidelines is essential.  

IMCA’s Offshore Diving Supervisor Scheme covers all offshore personnel either acting as a diving supervisor or superintendent or gaining experience in order to become one.  It applies to personnel supervising dives in the water using surface orientated (air) and bell diving techniques.

IMCA Contact

Ali Macleod
Technical Adviser – Diving

Find out more by reading IMCA D 013 in our Publications section. This document also addresses the role of the diving supervisor in relation to a diving operation and the qualities required of a diving supervisor. The basic requirements in order to commence training as a diving supervisor are laid down, together with the normal route for gaining experience, leading to appointment as a diving supervisor.