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Diving Personnel Training

IMCA publishes a variety of guidance documents on diving-related training, to help ensure diving contractors can recruit, train and retain the skilled people they need. However, our direct role in the training of diving personnel is restricted to a small number of key positions, as detailed below.

IMCA Approved Training Courses

As part of its offshore diving supervisor and life support technician certification schemes IMCA provides approval for the following training courses:

  • trainee air diving supervisor (TADS);
  • trainee bell diving supervisor (TBDS);
  • assistant life support technician (ALST)

As part of its scheme for recognition of diver medic training IMCA also provides approval for:

  • diver medical technician (DMT) courses; and
  • diver medic technician refresher (DMTR) courses

It is emphasised that the Association approves only the courses and not the training establishments themselves or the competence of those who have attended the courses. Information on obtaining IMCA approval to teach the above listed courses is available from the Association on request.

There are no other courses for which IMCA offers approval.

  • Diving Doctors – IMCA does not approve doctors and refers to the independent DMAC scheme for approval of training courses in diving medicine.
  • Dive Technicians – IMCA has published guidance on technician competence and training, but does not approve or certify training or individuals. You can read this guidance in IMCA D 001 (see below).