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Resilience Awareness Training

Leading IMCA members have come together to develop a Resilience Awareness Programme tailored to the marine contracting industry. A key attribute of a successful organisation is its ability to cope with challenging issues and to bounce back – its capacity to do so is largely dictated by the resilience of its people.

The six videos and accompanying guidance notes explain the main concepts of resilience. The programme is designed to be used by groups of employees, to help promote discussion and share thoughts, so that they become more resilient.

Module 1 – Ways to develop resilience

Module 1 helps us to understand ways we can develop our resilience to help us stay safe.

Module 2 – Keeping things in perspective

Module 2 helps us make safer decisions by teaching us how to keep things in perspective.

Module 3 – Change is part of life

Module 3 explores how to cope with change and prevent change having a negative impact on safety.

Module 4 – Taking care of yourself

Module 4 looks at how taking care of ourselves will help us be safer by being more alert and sharper.

Module 5 – Decisive action

Module 5 looks at keeping ourselves safe by reminding us to always think things through before acting.

Module 6 – How resilient are you?

Module 6 provides a summary and recap of the previous modules with some further scenarios to discuss.

Further Resources

The following PowerPoint presentations are available for downloading: