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Contribute to our DP Reporting for 2021

Published on 10 December 2021

IMCA Members are strongly encouraged to pass on information on DP station keeping events and incidents so that lessons learnt can be used to raise the standards of safe and efficient operations throughout the industry.

For more than thirty years IMCA’s DP station keeping event reporting system has helped to keep the DP fleet operational, safe and acceptable to clients and regulators by encouraging improvements in design, procedures and training.

Visit our website for full details on how to submit your information.

Act now and share reports on:

  • DP Incidents
  • DP Undesired Events
  • DP Observations

Submission Process

The submission process involves completing a form and providing detailed information regarding the incident and casual factors and supplementary items such as sketches and actions taken.

Information gathered through this process may periodically be used in our DP Bulletins.

All information provide is anonymised.

Contact us at [email protected]