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Countdown underway for Start of IMCA's DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme

Published on 8 April 2019

The application process for the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) DP Practitioner Accreditation Scheme will open on 1 May. In preparation, IMCA has created a dedicated page on the IMCA website providing information on the scheme and the steps that those seeking accreditation need to undertake.

“The aims of the scheme are to improve the consistency and conduct of DP trials throughout our industry; and to set a recognised level of knowledge for DP practitioners responsible for developing, witnessing and reporting of DP trials, and those responsible for the management of DP assurance processes,” explained Captain Andy Goldsmith, IMCA’s Technical Adviser – Marine.

Captain Andy Goldsmith
Captain Andy Goldsmith

“It is vital that DP practitioners attending vessels for trials, and those conducting DP assurance duties in both vessel operators and client offices, are accredited to an internationally recognised standard. The scheme will ensure that the requirement of the OCIMF white paper on DP assurance is met; and that DP trials practitioners and office-based personnel maintain and increase their knowledge base.

Two categories of personnel are eligible for accreditation:

  • A DP Trials and Assurance Practitioner, i.e. an individual actively involved in producing, witnessing and assessing the results of DP FMEA proving trials and DP annual trial programmes; and
  • A company DP Authority, i.e. the responsible individual for a vessel operator or end charterer for managing DP trials and assurance processes.

From 1 May applicants will be able to download the application form from Before applying they must satisfy themselves that they meet the requirements of qualifications, certification, experience and knowledge for their chosen category of application, thus avoiding the risk of a failed application and the associated costs. All requirements are clearly set out on the  IMCA website.

All applications will be reviewed by IMCA’s secretariat. On successful completion an examination will be scheduled. The first examinations with their multiple-choice format will be available globally from 1 July. The examination consists of 8 modules:

  1. Code of Conduct
  2. IMCA Guidance Documents
  3. DP Control Systems
  4. DP Power systems
  5. Thrusters & Thruster Control Systems
  6. DP Documentation
  7. IMCA M190, Guidance for Developing & Conducting DP Annual Trials Programmes
  8. Scenario based experience

Work on the accreditation scheme started in early 2018 when IMCA’s Martine Division Management Committee appointed a workgroup of DP experts from  our Member companies.