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COVID-19 – Marine Information

Date Title Reference(s)
9 July 2020eCMID/eMISW Temporary Validity Extension EndingIN 1517
9 April 2020IMCA COVID-19 update, 9 April 2020IN 1500
3 April 2020COVID-19 affect on DP operationsIN 1498
3 April 2020UK HSE energy division response to COVID-19IN 1497
1 April 2020OCIMF Covid-19 Update Bulletin #6 – SIRE/OVID Inspections and ReportsIN 1494
23 March 2020US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) presidential proclamation on entry as immigrants and non-immigrantsIN 1487
23 March 2020US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) decsion on B-1 (OCS) and B wind visas under President Trump’s proclamationIN 1486
19 March 2020Marine and DP Assurance – IMCA Advice During Ongoing COVID-19 SituationNews
18 March 2020Marine and DP assurance – IMCA advice during ongoing COVID-19 situationIN 1481