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COVID-19 – IMCA News

Date Title Reference(s)
14 September 2020Agencies in the United Nations issue a statement on Crew ChangesNews
27 August 2020Important Update to COVID-19 Diving Information NotesNews
20 August 2020IMCA continues to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis surrounding crew changesNews
11 August 2020Survey on health protection measures on board ships in response to the coronavirus pandemicNews
18 July 2020Making Waves – July 2020News
13 July 2020Industry Group Achieves Breakthrough as Governments around the World Pledge Action to Support Crew Changes during the COVID-19 PandemicNews
8 July 2020IMO Supports Industry Group RecommendationsNews
8 July 2020IMCA continues to call on governments to recognise offshore energy sector workers and seafarers as key workersNews
2 July 2020Information Note on COVID-19 and Safely Re-establishing Working ArrangementsNews
25 June 2020IMCA Supports Day of The SeafarerNews
10 June 2020Industry Group Urges the UK Government to Exempt all Offshore Energy Sector Workers from its Quarantine RestrictionsNews
29 May 2020IMCA and Industry Group Target Governments on a Global Basis on behalf of Offshore WorkersNews
27 May 2020IMCA, Together With Industry Groups, Influencing Key Worker DesignationNews
20 May 2020Survey to Support Implementation of IMO Recommended Framework Regarding Crew ChangesNews
14 May 2020Lobbying IMO on Behalf of Offshore WorkersNews
6 May 2020IMCA and Industry Group Lobbying IMO on Behalf of Offshore WorkersNews
29 April 2020IMCA Supports Call to Recognise All Seafarers and Offshore WorkersNews
21 April 2020IMCA Shares COVID-19 GuidanceNews
9 April 2020IMCA COVID-19 UpdateNews
3 April 2020IMO Secretary-General Seeks UN Support Over “Keyworker” Designation for SeafarersNews
2 April 2020IMCA Actively Participates in COVID-19 Pandemic Industry GroupNews
19 March 2020Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Guidance for Diving ContractorsNews
19 March 2020Marine and DP Assurance – IMCA Advice During Ongoing COVID-19 SituationNews
4 March 2020Changes to Schedule and Format of Some IMCA EventsNews