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Exploring alternative contracting models

Published on 29 September 2023

We preview the upcoming IMCA Regional Meeting in North America on 2 November 2023. Book your place now.

IMCA’s hybrid regional meeting brings together leading voices in the offshore oil and gas and wind industry to discuss how we can overcome the performance challenges we collectively face in North America, and how alternative contracting models can help us collectively meet the huge expectations placed on our sectors. 

Challenging productivity, an adversarial and competitive working environment, and limited take-up of technology and innovation have impacted across the supply chain. Organising contracts around common goals with a focus on collaboration, cooperation, and the sharing of risk is part of the solution for a healthier supply chain – and happier client.   

Our meeting starts with a great example of how the industry’s continued investment in new technology and innovation will benefit both sectors, with Fugro presenting on the benefits of connected technology for vessel operations. 

IMCA Contact

Bruce Gresham
Director for Client Engagement – North America

Jonathan Lints of Clarksons will provide a forecast of future demand and look ahead to the next five years for the offshore industry in North America.  

Finally, a panel of current and former industry leaders from both sectors will be convened discuss and debate the issues, with plenty of opportunity for audience participation. Among them are recently appointed IMCA CEO, Iain Grainger who will share progress on IMCA’s Contracting Principles for Offshore Wind, on the lessons learned from decades of experience in developing client relationships on oil and gas projects, and how this can help with the recent headwinds we are facing. 

From IMCA, Bruce Gresham, Dustin Varnell, Graeme Reid, and Peter Sieniewicz will also be in attendance and on hand to answer any Member queries. 

For guests unable to attend in person, you will be able to access the discussion, live, via our online platform and details will be shared following registration. The hybrid format will ensure that anyone with an interest in offshore energy working in North America can play their part in this vital debate. Book your place on our website now.

Bruce Gresham, Director of Client Engagement – North America at IMCA, said: “On a global level, the supply chain supporting offshore energy development is stretched in ways we have never experienced before – an uptick in oil and gas activity, combined with huge demands and expectations for offshore wind should mean a healthy, robust and profitable sector.” 

“However, with developers and others in the supply chain facing significant challenges – and some walking away from agreements signed only a few years’ ago – we’re experiencing an unsustainable situation putting at risk government ambitions for Net Zero and the energy transition.” 

“Our hybrid event in Houston on 2 November will explore how we might deal with the current challenges we collectively face and outline some potential solutions. While we won’t solve the industry’s challenges in one afternoon, let’s start the conversation.”