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From the President – September 2012

Published on 1 September 2012

Sustainability is an ‘in vogue’ word – so much so that we have used it for the theme of this year’s IMCA annual conference ‘Marine and subsea operations: a culture of sustainability’, being held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on 28-29 November 2012. Join in the debate by registering for the event and mixing with your global peers.

What is the marine contracting sector’s view on sustainability? Delivery of a sustainable performance requires strategic planning over a considerable period of time, which addresses safety and our environment as its primary goals. Investment in people and enabling assets further underpins sustainability, as does the technology development that supports its delivery.

IMCA’s guidelines help us all to move towards safer and more efficient operations, providing performance indicators as a benchmark for companies to measure against. IMCA’s annual safety statistics show where progress has been achieved and where improvements need to be made. We are all focused on sustainability and I encourage you to attend our annual conference to learn, to share, to help deliver and to shape a ‘culture of sustainability’.

I hope to see you there.

Andy Woolgar, Subsea 7
IMCA President 2012