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IMCA announces impending launch of code of conduct for members and ‘doing business without bribery’ e-learning module

Published on 3 October 2018

  • Highly successful IMCA Contracts & Insurance Seminar attracts contractors, oil companies, legal and insurance firms
  • Code of Conduct for IMCA members to be launched Q4 2018
  • IMCA-endorsed ‘Doing Business Without Bribery‘ e-learning module lined-up for Q4 2018 launch

Two key announcements on ethics and compliance were made at the International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) Contracts & Insurance Seminar, chaired by Nathalie Louys, Subsea 7 General Counsel and Chair of IMCA’s Contracts & Insurance Committee. The half-day seminar was attended by delegates from oil companies, contractors, legal and insurance firms.

Focusing on ‘Ethics and compliance – a shared challenge’, Subsea 7’s Group Head of Compliance & Ethics, Andrew Hayward announced that in Q4 IMCA will launch a high-level Code of Conduct which establishes the core ethics and compliance principles to which its members subscribe.

Andrew Hayward acknowledged that many member companies have their own Code of Conduct, but, he added: “If you deal with each and any IMCA member, you should know what you can count on. All of us are committed to upholding and, as far as possible, to encouraging our supply chain to uphold, certain universal standards of ethical business practice.”

The second planned launch announcement of the afternoon, the IMCA-endorsed ‘Doing Business Without Bribery‘ e-Learning module, is to train, explain, and encourage anti-bribery and corruption best practice. Intended particularly for IMCA member organisations that do not have in-house training content and systems that meet compliance programme requirements, the IMCA-branded version will be free to all IMCA member companies. Initially this will be available in English, French and Brazilian Portuguese, with more languages likely to follow depending on demand.

Allen Leatt, IMCA CEO said: “The Code of Conduct will give a commonality of purpose throughout the Association’s membership and build ever-greater confidence in the attitudes of our member companies towards ethics and compliance.

“The newly announced anti-bribery and corruption (ABC) e-Learning module will be of great assistance, particularly to our members with more limited in-house compliance training capabilities. Naturally they are eager to conform to best ethical business practice and the ABC training module is designed to help them achieve that.”