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IMCA Awards – Last chance to enter

Published on 15 November 2020

The nomination process for the 2020 IMCA Awards is closing. Members have just a few more days to submit their entries.


Environmental Sustainability
COVID-19 Initiatives

Special Category for 2020
This year we are also inviting our members to share details of initiatives developed to specifically address key issues brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, therefore we will be including a third category for nominations – COVID-19 Pandemic Initiatives.

Judging Panel and Criteria
The Judging Panel for the awards comprises two representatives from the IMCA Board of Directors, the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the HSSE Committee, the Chairman or Vice Chairman of the Environmental Sustainability Committee and relevant members of the IMCA Secretariat. To ensure impartiality, the final members of the judging panel will be confirmed once all submissions have been received.

The Environmental Sustainability Award will be assessed on such matters as the scale of environmental benefit; innovation; commitment of the workforce; social and economic benefits; quantification of the improvements; and the possibilities for future development and entries certainly brought out many of these criteria.

For the Safety Award the criteria will include visibility and promotion of safety with the workforce; successful adoption and buy-in; improvement in safety behaviours; improved safety performance; and the possibilities for future development.

The criteria relating to entries in the COVID-19 Pandemic initiatives category should include a demonstrable benefit through the development of a new, or adaptation of an existing product or system, in support of medical treatment or medical services; protective equipment, adapting existing or developing new methodology, ways of working or systems in light of the pandemic.