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IMCA Diving Technical Team Expanded

Published on 12 September 2019

Ali Macleod has joined the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) as Technical Adviser – Diving, having spent over six months with the association as Diving Training Provider Auditor. Prior to this he was the Diver Training Manager at The Underwater Centre in Fort William for over 20 years.

IMCA’s Diving Manager, Bryan McGlinchy stated:

We are delighted to welcome Ali to the technical team. He has a passion and a reputation in the diving industry for delivering high quality training to members of the diving community.

“He is a qualified Air and Closed bell Diver, a Dive Supervisor and highly experienced Diver Medic, having gained extensive experience over the past 28 years treating divers both inside and outside the chamber.

“During his career Ali has assisted the Health & Safety Executive and other authorities in investigating diving accidents and has also been called as an expert witness due to his specialist knowledge of diving techniques and diving medicine.

“Since February Ali has been responsible for ensuring that IMCA Training Providers around the world continue to deliver quality training to the offshore diving industry and this role will continue along with other relevant aspects determined by our Diving Committee.”

Ali Macleod, Technical Adviser – Diving