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IMCA Launches Unit Two of Diving CPD App

Published on 1 June 2020

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has launched a new unit of its App-based continuing professional development (CPD) scheme for Diving Supervisors.

The App incorporates the latest in training techniques to support Diving Supervisors in keeping up to date with current information and guidelines from IMCA.

The scheme went live early in April with 250 diving supervisors who had pre-registered and now, within six weeks, more than 600 supervisors are using the system.

The App can be used across many mobile devices and operating systems, on or offline, thus allowing users the flexibility of choosing when and where to complete the relevant modules. Unit Two contains a wide range of subject matter, including issues arising from a trapped diver incident, subsea lifting activities, HP water jetting operations, and for Bell Supervisors, the use of bell outer doors.

During 2020, the scheme is voluntary and free to all IMCA certified supervisors, and applications will be accepted from both Diver Certification Board of Canada (DCBC) and Australian Diver Accreditation Scheme (ADAS) supervisors as well. However, from 2021, it will become mandatory for all supervisors to participate in the scheme in order to maintain their IMCA diving supervisor certification in ‘current status’.

Trials of the App were successfully completed by a representative cross-section of diving supervisors from leading contractors in the industry, who were invited to participate in the consultation and testing process to ensure the system is user-friendly, appropriate, and effective.

The feedback received from the trials and the first tranche of users has been very positive and others are strongly encouraged to register to start using the system while is it still in its voluntary phase. IMCA would like as many supervisors as possible to become familiar and comfortable with the system before it becomes mandatory in 2021.

IMCA continues to consult widely with its membership, and the development and governance of the system has been overseen by IMCA’s Diving Division Management Committee, comprising leading industry diving managers and experts.

Bryan McGlinchy, IMCA’s Diving Manager explains:

“We are very pleased to see usage of the CPD App grow and hope that the introduction of Unit Two will encourage more Diving Supervisors to register while the scheme is still voluntary. This is a welcome addition to our flagship diving supervisor schemes and makes a tremendous contribution to modernising CPD in this sector of industry. These safety critical roles will now benefit from the best available technologies to help keep supervisory staff fully up to date with industry guidelines and best operating practices through a series of interactive tutorials and assessment routines. This is a significant step forward in maintaining competence, combating skill-fade, and keeping people safe.”

Registration is open for Diving Supervisors to enrol.