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IMCA plays a key role in March’s European DP Conference

Published on 17 February 2021

International Marine Contractor Association (IMCA) member companies and senior representative of the secretariat will play key roles in the European Dynamic Positioning Conference being held online on Wednesday 24 March.

Visit our event pages for more details on conference or see below for further information on the virtual conference, organised by Riviera Maritime Media.

As Mark Ford, IMCA’s Technical Director, who sat on the Advisory Board for the event explained:

IMCA Contact

Mark Ford
Marine & Quality Manager

“We congratulate OSJ on a great line-up that includes two of my colleagues, Captain Andy Goldsmith and Graeme Reid, both IMCA Technical Advisers – Marine, and member companies Fugro, M3 Marine, Kongsberg Maritime, and Louis Dreyfus Armateurs.

Andy Goldsmith will share the latest analysis of dynamic positioning station keeping events and incidents for 2020. He will be sharing some very interesting and rather perturbing conclusions; as well as urging all DP operators, whether they are members of IMCA or not, to file reports on station keeping incidents and reports. Only by sharing relevant information across the industry can lessons truly be learned and shared – that is a vital step in ensuring safe, effective and efficient operations and we encourage more companies to participate.

Later in the morning Graeme Reid will be updating delegates on developments in DP netstorm testing; explaining why it is important; and sharing information on detecting and handling network failures to prevent loss of DP systems during operations; innovative DP netstorm testing solutions and developments in ‘plug and play’ netstorm testing.

With members increasingly involved in the rapidly expanding global offshore wind industry, we are delighted to see an offshore wind presentation included in the conference for the first time.

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