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IMCA Podcast – Reflections on the 5th Anniversary of the Paris Agreement

Published on 11 December 2020

Nadine Robinson, IMCA’s Technical Adviser on Environmental Sustainability shares a podcast to recognise the 5th anniversary of the historic Paris Agreement.

I would like to spend a few minutes to mark the 5th Anniversary of historic Paris Agreement, which takes place Saturday the 12th of December.

The coming together of 197 nations, five years ago to adopt the Paris Agreement was a significant moment for the world.  We strengthened our global response to climate change and galvanized not only the political will of governments, but also companies, investors, cities, states, regions and every day citizens.

So five years on from the adoption of the Paris Agreement, how is our climate fairing? 

Click below to listen to Nadine’s Podcast (5 minutes) or find out more by visiting the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) website.

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Nadine Robinson
Technical Adviser – Environmental Sustainability