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IMCA publications available in Chinese

Published on 18 July 2013

Six IMCA publications have been translated into Chinese and can be downloaded via the IMCA website, reflecting the increasing internationalisation of the association and the growing number of IMCA members working in the Asia-Pacific region.

The publications are:

  • IMCA D 014 Rev. 1 – IMCA international code of practice for offshore diving
  • IMCA D 015 – Mobile/portable surface supplied systems
  • IMCA D 018 – Code of practice on the initial and periodic examination, testing and certification of diving plant and equipment
  • IMCA D 030 Rev. 1 – Surface supplied mixed gas diving operations
  • IMCA D 035 – The selection of vessels of opportunity for diving operations
  • IMCA D 039 – FMEA guide for diving systems