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IMCA supports IOGP updated life-saving rules

Published on 2 October 2018

  • Positive messages feature in nine life-saving rules
  • Common set of industry rules for industry workers globally

The International Marine Contractors Association is fully supportive of the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers’ (IOGP) updated and simplified Life-Saving Rules.

There are nine Life-Saving Rules:

  1. Bypassing Safety Controls
  2. Confined Space
  3. Driving
  4. Energy Isolation
  5. Hot Work
  6. Line of Fire
  7. Safe Mechanical Lifting
  8. Work Authorization
  9. Working at Height

Each Rule is written so that it is short and straight to the point. For example, the ‘Working at Height’ rule is “Protect yourself against a fall when working at height”, with three simple actions – all very direct and positive and, with their associated icons, easy to understand:

  • I inspect my fall protection equipment before use
  • I secure tools and work materials to prevent dropped objects
  • I tie-off 100% to approved anchor points while outside a protected area

Allen Leatt, IMCA’s CEO, said: “Safety is of paramount importance and we will be widely disseminating news of the updated Life-Saving Rules. IOGP’s intention is to have them used by oil & gas industry workers, regardless of their employer, or where ever in the world they may work.

“The updated rules are simple, direct, and carry a very positive message. They are highly applicable to our members and their global work force, and something over which every individual worker has control. We also support IOGP’s long-term goal to have full industry co-operation and global adoption of these important rules within five years. We will be encouraging our member companies to adopt them as soon as possible.”