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IMCA’s Lifting Guidance Now Co-Branded with G+

Published on 24 October 2022

The International Marine Contractors Association’s (IMCA) recently reviewed and updated Guidelines for Lifting Operations (IMCA LR 006) has been republished with new dual branding featuring G+, the global offshore wind health and safety organisation. This is the association’s first dual branded publication and ensures wider circulation, acceptance and use of this key document, in the offshore wind industry.

Mark Ford, IMCA’s Marine & Quality Manager explained:

“LR 006 has safe and efficient operations at its heart and thus attunes with G+ aims. We are delighted to be linked with them in this way, their branding on this important document demonstrates their alignment with IMCA’s values and strategic imperatives which embrace industry collaboration, safety, technical excellence and above all, knowledge-sharing.

IMCA Contact

Mark Ford
Marine & Quality Manager

He added:

“There is strong synergy between IMCA and G+, their General Manager, Kate Harvey, sits on the IMCA Board and is a member of our Marine Renewable Energy Committee.”

LR 006 was reviewed and updated to ensure that it properly covers lifting operations in offshore wind industry contracting activities in addition to those in the offshore oil and gas industry; and published in August this year. It will play a role in the forthcoming IMCA Lifting & Rigging Seminar 2022 being held on 27 October in Amsterdam.

The Seminar, the 11th in the annual series, provides an opportunity for IMCA members and industry colleagues to participate in an industry forum where attendees will hear from experts in lifting and rigging and have the opportunity to participate in Q&A sessions and workshops helping to formulate the ongoing work programme for IMCA’s Lifting and Rigging committee. The full programme for the day, information on speakers and on registration is available at

The delegate fee for IMCA members is £100 and £200 for non-members (plus Netherlands VAT at 21%).

About G+

The G+ is the global health and safety organisation bringing together the offshore wind industry to pursue shared goals and outcomes. It is run in partnership with the Energy Institute, which provides the secretariat and supports its work.

The G+ has four main work areas:

  • Incident data reporting
  • Good practice guidance
  • Safe by Design workshops.
  • Learning from incidents

The members of the G+ are lead operators and owners of offshore wind farms and Wind Turbine Generator (WTG) Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

Further information on G+ is available at