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IMCA produces a range of materials for its members as information notes, covering safety, technical, regulatory, commercial and various other issues relevant to its members.

Members can access all of these materials by logging in to this site. Non-members can view titles, for information, and a small number of individual articles deemed of wider public interest.

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Diver Training Certificates – IMCA Acceptance Criteria

IMCA recognises that professional divers are trained for a wide variety of purposes. IMCA will only accept training that is open to all and is directed towards the development of divers for offshore operations. IMCA will not recognise diver qualifications developed for other purposes e.g., military diver training.

| Information Note number 1385

IMCA Minimum Criteria for Offshore Surface Supplied Diver Training

Divers undertaking an offshore surface supplied diver training programme must undertake dives in a range of depths to the maximum depth of the qualification.  Upon completion of the programme, they must be competent to operate safely as a surface supplied diver in an offshore environment.  It is also expected that

| Information Note number 1384

Combined Heading/Motion and Gyro Sensor Concerns

The IMCA DP Committee has been made aware of potential common-mode failures regarding Combined Gyro Compass and Motion Reference Sensors (MRU). These potential failures are discussed below and must be understood and considered while using/updating/purchasing combination MRU/Gyro, or gyro sensors that may rely on a GNSS signal to remain functional.

| Information Note number 1633

Withdrawal of UK Legislation Module Examination

With effect from the date of publication of this Information Note IMCA will no longer be offering the UK Legislation module examination as part of the IMCA diving supervisor and LST certification schemes. As of 27 February 2023, IMCA will cease to take all new bookings for the UK legislation

| Information Note number 1632

Shipping Industry Indian Ocean High Risk Area

The Joint Industry Security Group of Trade Associations, comprising BIMCO, CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association), the International Chamber of Shipping, Intercargo, Intertanko, IMCA and OCIMF (the Oil Companies International Marine […]

| Information Note number 1631

COBRA Bailout System: Top Handle Failure

Members’ attention is brought to the recent Guidance Note issued by JFD relating to the failure of the top handle on a COBRA set while the set was being hoisted.

| Information Note number 1630

Field Arrival Trials

What are Field Arrival Trials? A pre-defined programme of tests and checks to be performed prior to the entry into the area of operation that are designed to confirm the […]

| Information Note number 1628

Registration and Revalidation of South African Diving Qualifications

The South African commercial diving regulator, the Department of Employment and Labour, has announced details of the registration and revalidation process that all commercial divers, diving supervisors, chamber operators and diving instructors holding training certificates issued by the department are required to complete in order to ensure continuing validation of

| Information Note number 1623

COBRA Bailout System: Bailout Duration Times

Members’ attention is brought to the recent Guidance Note issued by JFD relating to bailout duration times with partially depleted cylinder pressures.

| Information Note number 1622

IMCA Membership Renewal 2023

IMCA is pleased to advise that the Board has maintained the membership fees at the same level as the last 3 years. You can review the membership fees on our website.

| Information Note number 1620

Summary of IMCA D 023 Document Changes 2022

IMCA D 023 Rev. 1 DESIGN for surface orientated (air) diving systems was published in January 2014. The latest revision of IMCA D 023 has now been published (Rev. 2). This Information Note summarises the changes that were made during the Rev. 1 to Rev. 2 update process.

| Information Note number 1619

ASOG – The Decision Support Tool You Need

Following a review of the 2021 Annual DP Station Keeping Event Report published by IMCA in March 2022, the IMCA Marine Division Management Committee & DP Committee agreed that an objective for 2022 was to create an information note explaining the subject of Activity Specific Operating Guidelines (ASOG) and its

| Information Note number 1618

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