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IMCA produces a range of materials for its members as information notes, covering safety, technical, regulatory, commercial and various other issues relevant to its members.

Members can access all of these materials by logging in to this site. Non-members can view titles, for information, and a small number of individual articles deemed of wider public interest.

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IMCA Technical Document Assurance Project

In 2023, IMCA commenced a review of documents after considering how to improve overall quality of the organisation’s published documents.  IMCA decided to bring in a technical document assurance co-ordinator […]

| Information Note number 1661

IMCA Diving Contractor Membership Assessment Procedure

This document describes the membership application and audit assessment procedure for all new applicants seeking Contractor membership of the IMCA Diving Division, encompassing both contractors undertaking surface supplied diving operations only and those utilising both surface supplied and saturation diving techniques.

| Information Note number 1526 | Original reference(s) IMCA D 25/20

Changes to IMCA Diving Supervisor and LST Certificates

This information note reflects finalisation of previously announced changes relating to IMCA diving supervisor and life support technician (LST) certification.  Withdrawal of Legislation Modules  Information Note 1632 advised of the […]

| Information Note number 1654

Working in high temperatures

IMCA members conduct operations in various parts of the world which have a very hot and humid climate during the summer season. In such places, the ambient temperature at times can exceed 40 °C along with periods of very high humidity. Such conditions are potentially dangerous to those who are

| Information Note number 1649

Availability of Diving CPD for Diver Training Instructors

IMCA is expanding the availability of its popular Diving CPD app to offshore diver training instructors at schools providing IMCA-recognised offshore diver certification. This will be available through members of International Diving Regulators & Certifiers Forum (IDRCF) and other certifying bodies recognised by IMCA (as set out in the latest

| Information Note number 1647

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