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Availability of Diving CPD for Diver Training Instructors

IMCA is expanding the availability of its popular Diving CPD app to offshore diver training instructors at schools providing IMCA-recognised offshore diver certification. This will be available through members of International Diving Regulators & Certifiers Forum (IDRCF) and other certifying bodies recognised by IMCA (as set out in the latest revision of information note 1394).

IDRCF members and other certifying bodies will be provided with nomination forms for circulation to their schools and will be required to provide IMCA with a list of these schools. Schools offering these certificates will then be able to nominate their offshore training instructors/supervisors for access to the app.

Once verified, those individuals will be registered by IMCA and sent a link to complete the registration process via the IMCA website, where they will be required to pay a discounted annual fee of £50. On payment, access to the app will be provided to the diver training instructor.

Should a school cease to be approved or become unable to deliver offshore diver training programmes, the IDRCF member (or other certifying body) will be required to notify IMCA. Should an instructor cease working for a school offering IMCA-recognised offshore diver certification, that school will be required to notify IMCA. IMCA reserves the right to withdraw access for individual instructors or schools for non-performance in accordance with IMCA bye-laws.

Diver training instructors will not appear in search results of the IMCA verification portal ( Instructors will be able to share their CPD registration and progress via the app.

Direct online registration will not be available – all registrations must be via the above nomination process.

For more information, please contact [email protected]

IMCA Contact

Peter Sieniewicz
Technical Adviser - Diving

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Published date: 22 September 2023
Information note ID: 1647


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