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Competence assurance and assessment for freelance personnel

IMCA’s freelance competence assurance and assessment materials were originally launched in 2005 and only covered the Remote Systems & ROV and Offshore Survey divisions.  These divisions’ packs were revised in 2012.  IMCA is now pleased to inform you that these materials have been extended to now include IMCA’s Marine and Diving divisions. These materials are intended for use by freelance personnel working for companies operating competence schemes and are based on the IMCA ‘Core Competence Frameworks’ for Marine (IMCA C 002), Diving (C 003), Remote Systems & ROV (C 004) and Offshore Survey (C 005). The IMCA freelance competence assurance materials are designed to assist freelance personnel in getting their competence assessed and verified by appropriately qualified personnel.  These materials may be used as a tool to measure an individual’s competence and may be completed by either one assessor or several different assessors or verifiers. These materials, available on the IMCA website, are intended for use by freelance personnel working for companies operating competence schemes, based on the IMCA framework.

Originally issued with the following reference(s): IMCA C 05/13, IMCA D 09/13, IMCA M 11/13

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Published date: 20 June 2013
Information note ID: 1178

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