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Counterfeit Kirby Morgan Bandmasks (KMB 28)

IMCA members should be aware that counterfeit Kirby Morgan 28 Bandmasks are being produced in China and sold as genuine products.

The counterfeit items appear identical to the genuine Kirby Morgan Dive Systems, Inc. (KMDSI) product.

KMDSI has inspected and conducted laboratory and man testing on a counterfeit KMB 28 and found its performance to be well below the KMDSI standard for safety.  KMDSI warns that man testing has proved the counterfeit KMB 28 to have severe breathing limitations once it is in the water.

KMDSI is concerned that use of the counterfeit product could lead to serious injury or death and the company has therefore issued a warning notice to the international diving community.  The Notice is available here.  For convenience, a copy is also attached.

It is emphasised that IMCA members should only purchase KMDSI products directly from an authorised KMDSI dealer.  A complete list of authorised dealers is available on the KMDSI website:

Each diving helmet produced by KMDSI has its own unique serial number.  When purchasing new or used, members are advised to check KMDSI authenticity by sending serial numbers directly to [email protected] for verification.

Originally issued with the following reference(s): IMCA D 04/18

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